10 Methods to Increase your Immune System

People need to realize their lifestyle play an important part for maintaining a healthy immune system. Immune system controls your healthy condition from getting ill. The immune systems work as a shield and defend body against harmful bacteria, infection, free radicals etc.  If immune system gets weak, its ability to protect body reduces and you have to lie down on bed with sickness. Immune system’s proper working will keep you away from falling sick and stay unaffected on your daily life work. When your system is not strong, you feel low on energy, irritable, and sluggish towards your work and when you keep this system strong you get energy enough to keep your active and focus in your life.

We provide you 10 ways to boost your immune system, follow it to keep yourself protective to diseases and sickness.

1)   Exercise- Make it a priority to visit fitness center early morning, exercise accelerate blood circulation and improve muscular strength. This makes you active and increases your BMR rate.

2)   Drink lots of water- Most content of a human body is water, drink adequate quantity of water to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration is cause due to loss of water. This result in faintness, blur vision, weakness and sometime also death. Water helps organs to work smoothly. Water after exercise remove toxins and impurities accumulated in body.

3)   8 hour sleep- Ample quantity of sleep is necessary for body to recover from strain it goes through in a whole day. Find time to give body rest to do repairing in body. Body need rest to get fresh and do work on next day.

4)   Follow Healthy Diet- Include good quality food in your diet. There are several advantages to add fruits and vegetables into your diet. Particularly ascorbic acid found in organic food is superb for your health. Stay away from unhealthy foods that contain added preservatives and toxins. They cause excessive weight gain and create negative impact on health.

5)   Clean hands- Many people get busy in work and avoid basic cleanliness like washing hands before eating. There are bacterium and germs located at all places. Ensure that your hands are washed before you eat and avoid touching unclean places. If possible keep hand sanitizer with you which can help you to clean your hand before eating anywhere.

6)   Fight Stress- stress has shown destructive effect on health. Try to get under stress situation since stress release certain hormones which cause disturbance in body’s working system. Get yourself involve in stress relievers like taking a walk, join meditation class etc.

7)   Rebuke bad habits- Habit like smoking cigarettes and drinking has harmful affect on your overall health. If you are addicted, join rehabilitation to get discontinue with this habit. Smoke and alcohol cause toxins in body and your chances of falling sick increases.

8)   Harsh weather- You should be well equipping with all stuff needed to keep yourself comfortable. People not likely to go well in all weather. Children get easily affected with cold even before cold weather is near. Bring heating equipments and clothes to avoid falling sick. Summer can be cruel too since our body lose lots of water and body get dehydrated which is fatal. Keep drinking enough water to keep you hydrated.

9)   Wear Clean Clothes- Wear new clothes every day, used clothes contain germs and bacteria due to sweats. Keep your body clean to avoid skin diseases. Problem like skin rashes, redness etc are cause due to bacteria.

10)   Keep house clean- Living in clean place is always best for a person to be healthy. Dirt attracts pest and if they are in house, food are not safe. Cleansing and dusting on an everyday basis saves you from lot of trouble of sickness and illness and spending money on medicine.