In today’s hectic world, women are playing a multiple role at a time. They face many challenges, while handling responsibility of home and office then most often neglect to their health and suffer from many severe health disorders. A woman’s body has to go through innumerable changes in one life cycle. From building a healthy body and to create another being, a woman’s body handles different stages physically and mentally. Hence, it is vital to give more importance to a balanced diet in order to live a hale and hearty life. Since a healthy diet plays a crucial role as it give you energy, supports your mood, maintains your weight and keep your look gorgeous as well. Apart from these, it can also provide huge support through the different stages of your life. In addition, a healthy food enhances fertility, fights against stress, reduces PMS, make pregnancy and nursing easier and alleviate symptoms of menopause. In short, a healthy and balanced diet will definitely help you to boost your immune system and may keep several disorders at bay. As a result, a balanced diet keeps you energetic and happy in any age.


1.  Increased fiber intake:-

Mostly fill your plate with fruits and green leafy vegetables. Women above 50 are recommended to have 21 gm of fiber in a day while women below 50 need at least 25 gm of fiber in a day. Since fiber content effectively keeps the sugar level at normal in the bloodstream and is also responsible for the slow absorption of glucose. One of most beneficial advantage of fiber is that it keeps you feel fuller for longer and prevent overeating. Thus, increase fiber intake in forms of whole grains, beans and legumes.

 2.  Include calcium rich foods:-

For healthy bones and teeth, women need to increase their calcium intake. Women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis as compared to men. To get rid of this condition, calcium intake of 1000 mg in a day is essential. As dairy products are rich in calcium, their animal fat and protein can stimulate bone loss quickly. For women in the postmenopausal period requires 1500 mg calcium. So calcium rich foods such as yogurt, cheese and skimmed milk can be a great option to keep your bone strong.

 3.  Make limits on protein intake:-

Though protein is an important part of any healthy diet but excess consumption of animal based protein is particularly harmful for health of women. Besides that, excess consumption of protein leads to calcium loss, which results in osteoporosis. Thus, it is essential to make limit on intake of protein.

 4.  Eat iron rich foods:-

Women lose lots of blood during menstruation. Iron is essential for good health and to increased energy among women. Deficiency of this important mineral may lead to anemia and other iron related disorders. So increased iron rich consumption by eating foods such as dark poultry, lean red meat, lentils, spinach, almonds, iron-fortified cereals and so on.

5.  Make limit on certain foods:-

Avoid excess intake of alcohol or make limit alcohol intake to one drink per day. Give preference to low-fat dairy and meat products rather than their full-fat counterparts. Reduce the consumption of those foods that are rich in saturated fats such as fatty meats, cheese, baked goods, and pizza and full-fat dairy products. Reduce caffeine intake, soft drinks, candy, fried foods, and sugar sweetened beverages and so on.

 6.  Never skip breakfast:-

Having breakfast is perfect starting of the day as it provide essential fuel and energy which requires throughout the day. There are various misconceptions about breakfast. But, studies have proven that those who eat breakfast daily are tending to weight less as compared to those who skip it. Hence, breakfast is essential to stay healthy.

 7.  Eat regularly:-

Long period between meals makes you feel irritable and tired, so try to eat something between every 3-4 hours. By taking a substantial breakfast, nutritious lunch, some snacks around 2 pm and a light early dinner may fulfill the requirement of your body’s natural cycle of energy. So regularly balanced eating is essential. If you skip breakfast or lunch then your chances of eating more foods in next meal also increases, which results in weight gain. So never skip important meal of the day.

 8.  Give more preference to complex carbohydrates:-

Complex carbohydrates are rich in fiber, keeps you full for longer and also to keep control over weight. In addition, complex carbs are not only packed with nutrients but also provides long lasting energy. Brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta, baked potatoes, bananas, millet and legumes contains an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.

 9.  Focus on healthy fats:-

There is misconception about dietary fat that it is unhealthy and contributes to weight gain. But healthy fats are essential as they enhance your brainpower and mood, promote healthy pregnancies, contribute to lifelong beauty, control craving and so on. Foods such as olive oil, canola oil, nuts, fish, seafood, peanut butter, and avocados includes rich source of healthy fats. Saturated and Trans fats are called as bad fats as they increased the risk of heart disease and stroke. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are said to be good fats as they contributes to your overall health and vitality. Thus, healthy fats are believed to be necessary part of healthy diet.

10.  Include magnesium rich foods:-

Women need to have 500 to 800 mg of magnesium daily. Calcium only works in combination with magnesium. Broccoli, summer squash, halibut, cucumber, green beans, celery holds high content of magnesium. Apart from these, include variety of seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds. In addition, vitamin D along with folic acid is also essential during reproductive years.