Advantages of Cycling and Walking for Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises, when performed on a daily basis, can improve your heart health and also benefit your physical and mental health in a number of ways. Some of the most useful health benefits of regular cardio exercise include stronger heart, weight loss and increase in blood circulation.

Although there are several cardiovascular exercises like swimming, jogging, running, cycling, walking, rowing, aerobic, jumping, and more, most people prefer cycling and walking as they are easy to perform, effective and fun to perform. Some of the main benefits of cycling and walking regularly are explained below.

Both these exercises strengthen your heart and allow it to pump more blood without putting in much effort.  A string heart and good blood circulation are necessary to live a healthy and disease free life. Increased blood supply and heart rate help to significantly reduce the risk of some serious health issues like heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Cardiovascular exercises like these also help to reduce the bad (LDL) cholesterol, which is the main reason behind blocking the arteries and causing heart attacks. Daily walk has also shown to lower high blood pressure.

Cycling and walking regularly helps you to maintain a healthy weight by improving the metabolism and burning excess calories. Obesity is widespread health issue, and these two exercises can help you to stay away from it. Maintaining a healthy weight is known to reduce the risk of several health issues like diabetes, back pain and heart disease.

Cycling and walking are low impact exercises and unlike a lot of fitness regimens, they do not put excess pressure on your bones and joints. Strain caused by rigorous fitness regimens can go on to cause back, knee and ankle issues. It may even lead to arthritis and affect your overall quality of living. Walking, in particular, is an excellent form of exercise for elderly people who cannot perform high intensity exercises.

Cycling is an ideal workout for your entire body, especially the lower body. Cycling regularly can help you to develop a great hip, leg and muscle tone, while at the same time trimming your waistline.

Both cycling and walking can help to reduce stress and improve your mental well-being. Cycling, walking or any physical activities for that matter help your brain to release chemicals that make you feel good and develop a feeling of well-being.

Both these exercises don’t require you to spend large amount of money on expensive equipments and are extremely easy to perform. All you need for cycling is a bike and helmet and just a pair of good shoes for walking. By performing these exercises daily, you can save your gym fees.

Waking regularly is known to reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer. It is also beneficial for people who are undergoing chemotherapy as it can reduce the side-effects.

To avail the health benefits of these exercises, you should perform at least one of them for thirty minutes, five times a week. The good thing is that you can easily incorporate cycling and walking in your daily life. Instead of using a four wheeler for short distance, you can use your bicycle. You can also use the stairs rather than taking an elevator.

So, start performing these exercises and fulfill your dream of living a long and healthy life.