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Apcalis improves erection and lets men to achieve a successful sexual intercourse. This drug has a very simple working mechanism; even the consumption method of this drug is very simple and effortless. This drug must be taken 20-30 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse and the effect of this drug will last for more than 36 hours. Apcalis will be the best drug if taken as prescribed to you in order to avoid any such serious complications.


Apcalis is a very well-known prescribed anti-impotent drug that should not be consumed without prescription. For better result it is important for every man to take the dose of this drug as directed to enjoy a better love life. Aged men should take this drug under strict medical attention. Impotent men are strictly recommended to take this drug under strict medical guideline in order to avoid severe complication and difficulties.

The most commonly used dose of Apcalis that is available in the market is 10 mg and 20 mg.

An impotent man can take any one dose of this drug once in a day.

Take a single dose of this drug along with a glass of water, so that the effects of this drug can be quickly activated.

Take it approximately 20 to 30 minutes to mix well with the bloodstream and start showing its effect.

The best part about this drug is that its effect lasts in your body for almost 36 hours which makes it the most effective oral medication treatment.

Sexual stimulation for this drug is essential to make this work as required.

Impotent men should not take more than what is recommended to you take this drug in the recommended amount and enjoy the effect of this drug.


There are a number of Side-effects that can be caused due to Apcalis. It may or may not cause any serious Side-effects that may or may not last in your body for too long and will probably disappear after some time. But any Side-effect that continues to last in your body for too long and may cause some serious Side-effects. In such cases, you must quickly seek for a medical help as can be life-threatening too.

Some of the very commonly faced Side-effects of Apcalis are facial flushing, headache, nausea, backache, myodynia, stomach upset, diarrhea, stuffy nose, urinary tract infection, blurred vision, etc.

Overly consumption of alcohol and smoking may cause some serious Side-effects and cause adverse effect on your health.

People who are allergic to its chemical composition may face some allergic reactions such as itching, skin reddening, unexplained skin rashes, etc.

Some of the uncommon or serious Side-effects of Apcalis are; rapid and irregular heartbeat, breathlessness, chest pain, hearing loss, vision problem, breathing disorder, heart attack, stroke, penis erection for more than four hours, etc. these Side-effects should be immediately reported to your doctor immediately as it may lead to fatal Side-effects.


Apcalis should be stored under the mentioned storage conditions so that the drug obtains a longer life and provides you with a longer treatment.

It is important to provide the drug with the right survival environment and proper storage of the drug facility.

The most appropriate storing temperature for Apcalis should be around 15˚C to 30˚C.

Storing the drug under extreme temperatures are the most unsuitable for the drug and it will spoil soon.

Store the drug in an airtight container after using. And, place the box in a clean, dark and a cool place.

Keeping the drugs near the kitchen sink, bathroom, and in the refrigerator are the most inappropriate places to store this drug and will spoil soon.

Make sure that you are keeping the drug away from the approach of children and women, and take it out only when required.

Discard the expired packet of Apcalis right away and do not store it at home. Follow an appropriate dumping process and do not just throw it away.


It is important for you to know all the necessary precautionary steps, when you decide to take the Apcalis drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind before starting with the Apcalis oral medication treatment is to, take this drug under appropriate medical recommendation.

Do not take this drug if you are allergic to its chemical composition or ingredients and ask for an alternative medication from your physician.

Take this drug as recommended to you and do make any changes to its dosing schedule method with proper medical guidelines.

Take only a single dose of Apcalis in a day and maintain a gap of at least 30 hours before continuing with the next dose.

People who have serious health complication related to heart, spinal cord, high blood pressure, kidney, liver, prostate gland, etc. should not take this drug or should take it under strict medical guidelines.

Apcalis may cause some serious and non-serious Side-effects hence it is important to follow all the necessary precautionary steps suggested to you by your healthcare provider.

Apcalis should not be taken with any other nitrate based drugs since it may combine to cause some serious Side-effects.

Intake Aplcalis Tablet along with a glass of water, do take it with alcohol or with grape juice since it may react with its chemical ingredient cause serious Side-effect to your health.

It strictly means to be used by impotent men, and must not be stored away from the reach of women and children.