Asthma is a disease that found commonly in the human being. Asthma is a persistent disease that hit the lung functions through stains and pollution. It makes difficult to breathe, and to inhale the oxygen. It affects the lungs, respiratory system and breathing. Lack of early diagnosis may result to lung damage. The family history increases the risk of asthma since it is mostly found inherited. This causes in the child mostly, and keeps on proceeding at every stage of age. It is very difficult to get cure since it is a long lasting syndromes. Sometimes the severe attack of asthma might cause death.


An asthma attack may be average, moderate and brutal.

  • The symptom of average asthma
  • A bit shortness of breath
  • Still able to speak continuously, even after the short breath
  • Cough and gasp
  • The symptom of moderate asthma
  • Struggle for breath
  • Nonstop cough with loud gasp
  • Finding difficult to speak the complete sentence

 The symptom of brutal asthma

  • Pain in the chest
  • Hardly breath
  • Couldn’t speak even a word properly
  • The gasp goes on continuously
  • Throat and lung pains
  • Speedy beat of nervous
  • Sweating continuously
  • Perhaps get blue lips
  • Changes in mood, and seen very stress


  • Air pollution or dust pollution

Stay away from air pollution, even you are not an asthma patient because air pollution may cause a chances of lung disorders and asthma. Air pollution breaks down the respiratory system, and level of breathing. Air pollution and dust pollution, are the main causes of asthma attack.

  • Maintain clean bed

Try to remove the dust from the bed by washing, the blanket and pillows with warm water. This assists to remove the stains, and germs from the bed. This is one of the ways to stay away from the causes of allergies and asthma. So always keep the habit of cleaning the bed where you sleep usually.

  • Stop using pet animals in the home

Often the pet animals are treated as like a family of the members, but it does hold many of the invisible bacteria that may affect your breathing, and inner organ system. Try to keep them away from the common bedroom. Maintain a proper place for them to sit and play. Keep the pets away from children. Keep cleaning the furniture, toys that a children prefer to play daily.

  • Diminish the level of stress

In most of the asthma cases, it has been noticed that stress increases the level of breathing, which really give severe attack to the asthma sufferer. Try to keep your mind free and fresh.

  • Stay away from smoking zones

The level of asthma often increases because of smoking. Stay away from the smoking area, and avoid smoking since it may affect you as well as the person around you. If you are an asthma patient, then do quit the habit of smoking since it may give you a cruel attack of asthma.

  • Don’t use the hard chemical product

Avoid using the hard chemical products, to clean the room since some of the people could not tolerate the smell of the chemical, and find difficulty in breathing. An asthma patient may get moderate affect by this.

  • Fragrance

Fragrance is another example that affects the level of asthma people. Most of the asthma patients avoid using perfumes; since some hard perfumes create difficulty in breathing. People should use a normal fragrance of perfume, so that person around you could not get affected.

  • Perform yoga

To bring down the level of asthma maintains the habit of regular yoga. Yoga makes your body calm, and relax this develops your respiratory system; and promote the organs to perform properly. Yoga is one of the best options to reduce the level of asthma. It makes your mind stress less and peaceful

  • Avoid heavy exercise

Avoid performing tough exercise since it increases your breathing level, and could cause an asthma attack. People, who are suffering from initial asthma attack, try not to perform exercises instead of that perform yoga.

  • Eat the vitamin D food

A Shortage of vitamin D may affect your lung function. Milk, eggs, fish, etc. are the foodstuff that is rich in vitamin D. It assists to maintain the proper function of the lungs, and reduces the level of asthma syndromes.

  • Check your weight

In most of the studies of asthma, it has been examined that the overweight people or the obese people, get a severe attack of asthma. The threat of the asthma increases along with the increase in body mass index. It makes difficult for the obese people, to breathe after performing any of the activities. Hence, the doctor counseled to maintain adequate weight, to reduce the possibility of asthma.

  • Treat your allergies

Minimize the threat of allergies by undergoing anti-biotic treatment. This may assist to tolerate the allergies infections, and indirectly reduce the possibility of asthma syndromes. Most of the people get asthma attack, due to certain types of allergies that they found difficult to bear.

  • Take your inhaler from time to time

Many of the researchers stated that, inhaling proper corticosteroids from time to time perhaps reduce the symptoms of asthma. It has been seen that people use their inhaler, when they get asthma attack; otherwise they don’t prefer to use it. This may result increase in the level of asthma, instead of getting cured. The researcher admitted that people can get a hold on the attack of asthma, if they use the inhaler according to the prescribed steps, which have been recommended by the doctor.

  • Cold air

Cold air is the other example of getting asthma attack. Avoid sitting in the air condition, as it increases the level of asthma symptoms.