Bad Effects of Excess Use of Salt

As we know that salt is very commonly used in the food, to bring the taste. Mostly, it is seen in Asia that people tend to use salt in every food item that they cook; we can say without salt the food item is incomplete. In short we get salts from sea water and rock. As the water gets evaporated salts gets accumulated with the mud, which takes a long process to produce consuming salts. China is the highest producing salt in the world. There are various types of salt which are used in different ways,

  • Table salt- it makes out from the accumulated salt in underground. It contains higher sodium chloride that is mostly found in the home to cook food.
  •  Kosher salt- it is a type of crystal salt that accumulates from the sea or the earth. Mostly used to cook meats in Jewish it is easy to dissolve.
  • Celtic sea salt- it is also known as sel gris salt and grey salt that generates from evaporated ponds.
  • Coarse salt- it is also known as gross sel or kitchen salt. It is in the shape of large crystals.
  • Flake salt- it is a dry sea salt it comes in the shape of medium crystals and hold less moisture.
  • o   Fleur de Sel- it is a hand trapped salt that is collected by the people above the surface of the water during evaporation.
  • o   Red or black salt- this salt is also known as coarse grained sea salt; the mineral called Alaea gives the color to this salt. This salts come usually is black or red color.


However, consuming a high range of any salts may give various drawbacks to the health such as high blood pressure, urine disorders, thinners the blood, etc. some of the side-effects of consuming salts are listed below.

  • Increase in the pressure of the blood

Our kidney helps to move out the sodium from the body, but if the consumption of salts increases, kidney fails to eradicate the sodium from the body that; indirectly boost the volume of the blood. The function of the heart gives excessive pressure in the arteries that causes’ higher blood pressure. According to the doctor’s advice, high blood pressure sufferers should use less salt, to maintain appropriate blood pressure level. An excessive use of salts in the food may be harmful to the high blood pressure patient.

  • Problem in Indigestion

Salt goes in the body via food; an excessive consumption of salt, may bring down the digestion system and leads, to digestion disorder.

  • Insomnia

It is not scientifically proven, but some of the studies have noticed that an excessive intake of salt, may lead to insomnia problem.

  • Increases the problem called hypertension and strokes

Often, we see the people, who consume too much salt, gets the pressure on the heart, which indirectly increases the problem of hypertension and strokes.

  • It may create the problem of arthritis and osteoporosis

As we know that salt is rich in sodium; an excessive intake of salt may lead, to decline the bone thickness and create problems              in the joints. Hence, to avoid the problem of arthritis and osteoporosis, use less salt in the food.

  • It gradually leads to develop obesity problem

If a person consumes excessive salt, it upsets the digestive functions, which enhance the fats and carbohydrate storage in the body; that indirectly generates fats and then lead, to the obesity problem.

  • It may lead to formation of kidney stone

However, the formation of kidney stones takes place by various ways, but the salt is stated as one of the ways, which may lead to kidney stone. The excessive use of sodium may, imbalance the function of the kidney and perhaps causes renal disorders.

  • It may lead to stomach cancer

Many of the studies have indicated; that the problem called chronic H. pylori, which are found in the stomach, causes closely by higher intake of salt. It enhances the growth of chronic H. pylori; that indirectly increases the chances, of stomach cancers.

  • It closely leads to asthma

Many of the studies haven’t proven that excessive use of salt may, causes asthma, but some of the studies indicated that higher consumption of salt; may induce the symptoms of asthma in the people.

  • It closely leads to diabetes

Many of the research have taken place, to prove that salt leads to, diabetes or not. Recently some of the studies have indicated that an excessive consumption of salt, increase the blood pressure level, which indirectly increases the chances of diabetes occurrences. Most commonly suggested, to the diabetes patient, to consume less salted food.

  • It may closely lead to metabolic imbalance

Consuming highly salted food may lead, to metabolic disorders. Higher containing sodium in the salt leads to fluid preservation, into the body that imbalance the urine flow.

  • It causes thyroid problem

Thyroid is commonly seen in the people, an excessive consumption of salt, perhaps be one of the reasons, to cause thyroid problems.

  • It fails blood circulation

An excessive intake of salt, may fail the circulation of the blood by making it thinner.

  • May cause gastric problem

Gastric problem is very common in the people. People consuming high contain salted food leads, to gastric problems. It may also lead, to a problem called inflammation of the stomach. It brings more burning and itching, in the stomach.