Suma root has abundant health advantages along with the high proportion of nutritional values. The Native Americans have been completely utilizing it as an all-purpose stimulant for a pretty long duration since they trusted its medicinal importance. Below mentioned are few of the diverse advantages of suma root on health.

Suma plant, also popularly known as Brazilian ginseng is a huge ground vine inhabitant to the Brazilian rainforest.  Roots of these vines are also considered as one of the best treatment for all kind of disorders in the tribes of Southern America. These vines have been used by the Amazonian rainforest tribes since past 300 years. Originated plentifully in Amazon basin regions, the vine consists of a complex and deep root coordination that facilitates it to soak up nutrients in maximum proportion from the soil. Health benefits of this particular root are discussed below.

Benefits of Suma Roots

Ensures Wound Healing

Citizens living in the rainforest regions of Brazil have been using suma root as a remedy to heal their injuries. An organic chemical component existing in suma root known as Allantoin supports development of fresh skin cells, which may perhaps function to smooth the progress of healing wounds. Hence, application of its paste on the affected region may possibly encourage cell propagation, which can get faster the overall process of healing.

Controls Blood Sugar

Suma root comprises of pfaffosides that plays a significant role in managing cum controlling the levels of blood sugar. It has enough capability to normalize blood sugar that eventually can recover a patient dealing diabetes―a disorder that generally happens because of abnormal blood glucose levels.

Filled with Nutrition

This one is the main purpose one should add suma root into regular diet. Significant fact about suma root is that, it has no less than 19 divergent amino acids that are nothing but the building blocks of proteins. It is in addition loaded with minerals for instance iron, magnesium, zinc, and trace minerals. Vitamins A, E, K, and B are in addition exists in great proportions. The root is in addition a superior foundation of several phytochemicals that are popularly recognized for their high antioxidant capacity.

Boon for Anemia

As suma root is highly loaded with the proportions of iron, it is traditionally being considered as a treatment for anemia. The condition that gives rise to insufficient development of RBCs all because of shortage of iron in body can be cured with the help of extorts of its root.

Strengthens Immunity

An ingredient mineral existing in suma root known as Germanium is apparently an immune booster that facilitates in managing the overall body resistance capacity in the human body. In actual fact, there is accepted confirmation that germanium certainly has an impact on the overall body resistance capacity of the body. It recovers overall body resistance capability by augmenting the synthesis of organic destroyer cells, T-suppressor cells, macrophages and interferon.

Boosts hormonal balance

This particular root is mainly responsible for synthesis of progesterone and estrogen, and accurate discrepancy of hormones. For this reason, herbal experts have been recommending suma root to deal with the trouble of hormonal related disorders for instance menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Supports building Muscle

If you are looking for building muscles in a short duration devoid of steroids then the roots of suma plant is one of the most excellent options. This is for the reason that suma root consists of beta-ecdysterone―an organically arising steroid that may perhaps support to develop muscular tissues. Extort of Suma root behaves identical to organic anabolic agents that is chiefly responsible for augmenting protein synthesis in emaciated tissues of the muscles. This can facilitate in arousing muscle development, augment endurance, and stamina. As a result, if you desire to augment development of muscles rapidly, going for suma root supplements can be a healthier alternative since they do not generate side effects generally connected with the utilization of commercial steroids.

Encourage sexual desire

The natives of South America has been traditionally using suma root as an aphrodisiac. It has been traditionally issued as a substitute to cure sexual related issues. As a result, citizens dealing with poor libido and those coping with disorders such as erectile dysfunction may perhaps get the advantage by consuming supplements of suma roots.

 Cuts down Cholesterol

Suma root consists of two health components known as Beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol, have been found to be valuable in diminishing high levels of cholesterols. Even though suma root is not responsible for enhancing good cholesterol, its utilization is expected to be efficient in dropping proportions of bad cholesterol.

Acts as a Cancer-conquering Potential

Suma root is composed of 11% saponins―a category of chemical compounds that are identified to fight serious disorders like cancer. Saponins are fully loaded with anti-tumorigenic effects, which may perhaps help put off development of malignancy. Suma root in addition shows indication of antibacterial constituents, which can in addition be accredited to the existence of saponins.

Promotes energy

The Amazonian tribes of South America have been traditionally treating this particular health ingredient as an energy stimulant cum energizer for centuries. This is for the reason that; suma root consists of a congregation of nutrients, as a result consumption of it in the way of supplement pills is believed as a organic method to enhance deteriorating levels of energy.


Suma roots can be transformed into powdered form, which can further be utilized to make a scorching cup of tea. It can in addition be consumed as a decoction that is prepared by boiling the root in water. Suma root can also be obtained in the form of pills and capsules.