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Bimatoprost is highly effective in treating the problem of glaucoma and save the eyes of people in a very short span of time. While a person suffering from this eye complication he/she faces lots of discomfort and uneasiness as this eye sickness causes excessive pressure on the eye and leads to severe pain that is almost intolerable.

Bimatoprost is an innovator medication introduced in the field of medical science for the treatment of Eyelash Growth and various other eye complications.

Bimatoprost Dose Information

While you are taking Bimatoprost, for the treatment of eye diseases then it is important for you to follow the proper dosing method.

This drug is majorly prescribed for two eye disorders that are Glaucoma and Hypotrichosis. And, the dosing technique for both of them is different.

Read on to know the individual dosing methods for both these disorders;


Glaucoma may occur in one or in both eyes.

Use is putting only one drop of Bimatoprost in the affected eye or eyes.

This eye drop must be used only once in the entire day.

Although it can be applied any time of the day, but evening time is consider as the most preferred.

Do not use Bimatoprost more than once or more than one drop as it will cause overdose, and severely affect your eyes.

Eyelashes enhancement

If you are using Bimatoprost for eyelash enhancement, then it should be used as mentioned.

Take a single drop of Bimatoprost on applier and apply it on the skin over the eyelash.

Use Bimatoprost for eyelash enhancement for only once in a day.

You may apply it at any time of the day, and understand that only one drop is enough.

Over usage may lead to some sort of side-effects.

Apply it daily till recommended and see the results.

Bimatoprost should be handled very carefully, and at the time of using the drug your hands must be neat and clean.

The mouth of the drug container should not be touched with hands as it can be contagious and spoil the drug sooner and eventually affect your eyes.

Remove your eye lenses (if used) before using Bimatoprost.

Close your eyes for two minutes after applying the drug to your eyes and do not blink or rub your eyes.

Keep these dosing instructions of Bimatoprost in your mind.

Side-effect Of Bimatoprost Eye Drops

The side-effect caused due to Bimatoprost may be mild or severe depending upon the individual health. Some of the commonly faced or experienced side-effects of Bimatoprost are;


Light sensitivity

Permanently darken eyelashes

Thickening of the eyelashes


Improper growth of hair if applied inappropriately

Cause permanent darkening of the iris to brown

Pain in the eyes

Darkening of the eyelid or the area beneath the eye Discharge from eyes

Swelling of eyes

Eyelid redness

Causes eye irritation

Eye lashes may grow so long that they become ingrown and scratch the cornea

Redness in eyes

Short-term burning sensation during use

If you experience any of these side-effects lasting in your body for a longtime then you must see your doctor.

Excessive use of Bimatoprost may lead to damage of optic nerves and may lead to decrease vision or possible cause blindness

The only way to keep you away from these side-effects, are following all the advice and the precautionary steps.

Storage of Online Bimatoprost Eye Drops

There are a few storage conditions that must be followed while a person is using Bimatoprost for certain eye conditions.

Appropriate room temperature is its foremost requirement for the appropriate storing of the drug.

The storing temperature for Bimatoprost should not go above 30˚C.

Storing the drug in extreme temperature can be harmful and will soon spoil it.

Keep the drug in the packing as it was bought do not let it expose to the air.

Storing the drug in a cool and dry place can be the best option.

Do not keep it near the kitchen or the bathroom.

This drug will spoil quickly in heat, light and moist surrounding.

Never use or store the drug after it has crossed its expiry date; it is sensible to carefully dispose the drug

Right storage is the very important part of any drug. Many a time even the effectiveness of the drug depends upon how they are stored.

Necessary Precautions to Use Bimatoprost Online

If you are taking Bimatoprost for treating eye diseases, then make sure that you are following all the precautionary steps.

A precaution ensures that you are given the exact treatment for eyes to keep them safe and free from all the risks.

The most important precautionary step is, do take this drug until and unless it is recommended to you by your healthcare provider. And, follow all the recommended dosing rules.

It is your duty to inform your doctor if you are suffering from any other eye problem before you start taking Bimatoprost.

Keep going for regular checkups during the treatment to ensure that the treatment is going fine.

Inform your doctor if you had or if you are planning to have any eye surgery in the coming days or months.

Do not wear or use lenses before using Bimatoprost. Take off the lenses and apply the drop after 10-15 minutes.

Ensure that you are not using two different eye drops at the same time use them with a gap of 5-10 minutes.

Bimatoprost is not meant to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.