An HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, which weakens the immune system and makes difficult, to perform daily activities. The virus of HIV exterminates the white blood cells of the immune system known as CD4 lymphocytes. The level of white blood cells in HIV patient get reduces, which further get converted into AIDS (acquired immune deficiency). This brings down the life longevity of a sufferer and results soonest death. An aids or HIV is a chronic and spreadable disease, which mainly get transferred through sexual relation. In today’s world HIV is commonly seen around the world. A first sufferer of HIV was found in U.S and slowly it got expanded throughout the world. The rates of HIV are increasing day by day, which has disturbed the living environment, badly. However, the researchers fail to find out the curative treatment for the HIV or AIDS. Thus, still now HIV and AIDS are called non curable diseases. It is a disease, where people fail to keep themselves active and healthy; since, the virus breaks down the immune system. There are minor differences between HIV and AIDS, the people suffering from HIV can manage and run their immune system hardly for some years, by undergoing the medication process, but once the HIV turns into AIDS; it takes the life of the sufferer and it does not have any medication process, to save the life. However, the doctor has suggested some care process to the HIV sufferer, just to keep their immune system running. Some of the tips, which must be followed by the HIV patient, are listed below.

Healthy diets

A sufferer of human immunodeficiency must add healthy foods in their daily diet. Consuming green vegetables and fruits daily may be helpful. A food, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are recommended to the HIV sufferer. A diet must hold vitamin A, C. E, B, selenium, iron, zinc and antioxidant property. A sufferer can also add lean proteins such as (fish, chicken, legumes) in their diet. A patient of HIV must add fruits in their daily diet. In short, to make the immune system running the HIV patient must maintain a healthy diet; since, HIV damages and breaks down the immune system.

Maintain exercise

Try performing exercise daily, to keep the body active and flexible. One can maintain their immune system running in HIV phase. An exercise is one of the best ways, to burn the fats of the body, and to facilitate the work performance.

Maintain medicine intake

An HIV sufferer carries medicine process to run the immune system. These medicines must consume according to the prescribed manner. Its intake has to be in appropriate manner do not lack, avoid or miss the dose. Once the dose missed consult the doctor for the suggestion. However, the HIV is an immune defaulter virus, which weakens the immune system. Hence, the medicine suggested to the HIV sufferer is to mend the immune system.

Sleep sufficiently

Sleeping sufficiently is one of the best ways to boost the immune system. The HIV sufferer must take ample amount of sleep; since, sleeping relaxes the mind, facilitates the body functions, motivates the organs and provides strength to the body. It’s a good suggestion for the HIV patient to sleep soundly; since, sleeping mends and strengthens the immune system. Along with medication a sufferer must maintain proper sleeping habits.

Avoid stress

Stress is one of the common things amongst all, but excessive stress and depression can be noticed in HIV patients; since, it is incurable and life taking disease. Secondly, the ignorance and precautions, which a normal person carries for the HIV patient, make them feel upset, strange and out of this world. A depression, stress, and hopelessness weaken the immune system and its functions. Thus, an HIV patient must stay away from stress and depression.

Consume ample amount of water

A sufferer of HIV must consume sufficient amount of water; since, water helps facilitates the flow of blood, bowel movement and promotes proper function of the immune system. An adult body must consume 4 liters of water daily however; the intake varies according to the individual’s body capacity. Consuming ample amount of water eliminates the bacteria from the body and reduces the risk of constipation, gastric, improper bowel movement, etc. A best option would be to consume coconut water; since, it is a great energy booster, which promotes the immune system to work properly.

Stop smoking

In case, you are suffering from HIV then completely avoid smoking. Since, smoking reduces the effect of the medicine that you are consuming at the phase of HIV and also breaks down the immune system. Smoking is one of the harmful and hazardous habits, which damages almost all the organs and immune functions of the body, gradually. So, it’s a suggestion for both the sufferers and non-sufferers of HIV, to avoid smoking for healthy living life.

Avoid drinking alcohol

An alcohol is another aspect, which damages the liver and whole body organs, slowly. It’s daily and continue intake trims down the longevity of a person. Its excessive intake leads to sudden death. However, consuming alcohol during HIV phases results unhealthy immune system and failure of medical effect. In short, smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs are one of the harmful and fatal aspects, which reduces the life of the organs.

Visit the doctors

Keep a regular check up with the doctors to know the existing position, of the body. A HIV sufferer faces many health disorders, which includes dental problem, weak immune system, improper bowel functions, depression, etc. which must reveal to the doctors for better look out. An HIV sufferer is more likely; to get infectious diseases; thus, they must keep a habit of consulting the doctor, regularly to know the current status of the disease. Even though the HIV is incurable, its regular checkups help to understand the patient longevity and the risk duration of turning HIV into AIDS.