Malaria is a severe disease, which transmits through female mosquito bite. Only the Anopheles genus category of female mosquito spread malaria. Malaria does not spread through male mosquito. It occurs through one-cell leech known as Plasmodium. Plasmodium falciparum is the fatal and most ubiquitous sponger of malaria, which infects the human body. Female Anopheles mosquito, bites the parasite holder (infection holder), where they suck the blood, to lay the eggs. This parasite gets expands and regenerate inside the mosquito, which further get mixed with the saliva, and pass into the blood of a person if, bitten by the mosquito. However, the parasite of malaria takes growth speedily in the liver, and further in red blood cells of a sufferer.

Thus, in certain situation the red blood counts trims down, which indicates malaria disease. If, in case not treated soon; it finished up the red blood cells and jammed the blood vessel linked to the brain or the key organs. Malaria is a contagious disease, which spread via female mosquito bites. Anyone can face this disease. Malaria breaks down the immune system and blood counting. However, the female mosquito lays egg at the water surface, which feeds and lives under the water; it rarely touches the surface to get atmospheric air. After maturation they move and fly away. In India, malaria and tuberculosis has become common due to unhygienic condition.

Malaria mosquito generates at dirty and unhygienic place. It is mostly seen in rainy season, due to water accumulation at particular area. Hence, the suffering rate of malaria in certain season increases. Children are more likely to get malaria; since, they play outside more. A woman suffering from malaria in pregnancy may link a risk to the developing baby.  However, malaria is categorized into 5 ways.

  • Ø Plasmodium knowlesi parasite – it leads to malaria in macaques (an old sub-family of monkey), but may also infect the human beings.
  • Ø Plasmodium ovale parasite – it is quite normal form of disease, but not actually life taking. This parasite holds the liver function, and lasts in the body for a longer time, without causing any illness. However, the treatment is necessary otherwise; it may become constant health problem. Its ignorance may damage and reduces the longevity, of the liver.
  • Ø Plasmodium vivax parasite – it is one of the leading causes of malaria in Asian countries. Plasmodium vivax is a pathogen found in human body. It mainly causes human malaria. However, a soonest treatment is necessary; since, it damages the liver and immune system, gradually.
  • Ø Plasmodium falciparum parasite – it is one of the severe types of disease, frequently found in Africa. Plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum are quite severe parasite of malaria diseases. Plasmodium falciparum get passes via female mosquito. Plasmodium is a form, which goes into the human body through the saliva of female mosquitoes. Plasmodium falciparum exist in the blood of a person for decades.
  • Ø Plasmodium malaria parasite – this parasite inhabit the blood of a human body.  

Symptoms of malaria

However, the symptoms of malaria are quite instant. One can easily notice the malaria indication. Some of the severe symptoms are headache, extreme high fever with chills, sweats, exhaustion (fatigue), extreme head pain with fiver, nausea, vomiting, joints pain, muscles pain and body pain. Moreover, back pain, lack of food taste, weak body; unhealthy immune system, etc. are some minor related symptoms. One can also notice changes in the eye color, swell eyes, appetite reduction, unhealthy bones, etc. As the symptom arises one should consult the doctor soon; since, its ignorance may lead to death. The fever once reaches to the head, it becomes fatal for the sufferer; thus, its instant treatment is necessary. Some of the symptoms of malaria delayed, which brings down the function of the organs including inactive immune system.

However, in case of malaria the red blood counting level gets reduced; since, malaria is a disease occurs due to blood infection. However, in certain cases the level of white blood is hardly affected. In most of the cases, headache with high fever destabilize, the brain function, which perhaps result lack of consciousness, poor memory and unclear vision. However, the period of malaria last for minimum 7 days and maximum 10 days if, treated soon. Otherwise, it might last for more than two weeks.


One must keep their surroundings clean and clear; since, the malaria mosquito get generate in the open contaminated accumulated water. Which mostly take place in a rainy season? Children are at more risk; since, they follow outdoor games mostly. Consume purified water; apply mosquito prevention cream over the body while sleeping. Use mosquito net while sleeping; since, this is one of the best ways to get prevented from mosquito. Keep your home clean and clear; since, it may enhance the risk of malaria disease. See that your room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet are clean as the mosquito generates and hide in that particular area. Only the female mosquito spreads the disease called malaria. Comparing with male mosquito, female are quite large is shape and holds long legs and hands. The penetrating pin is quite sharp and long in length. Put spray to the surrounding area of the building and drains; since, those are the main place where the female mosquito lays egg and enhance the population of mosquito.


However, in previous days the malaria lacks treatment, but today people, may undergo medication to cure the malaria disease. The medication procedure may last for minimum one week, maximum 10 days and in severe cases it may last for two weeks. A sufferer admitted in the hospital must close with the mosquito net so that it couldn’t pass, to any other person. However, the malaria doesn’t spread through sneezing, speaking, or touching. It spreads through mosquito bites. After, diagnosing through blood test, go under instant treatment of malaria; since, its ignorance and late treatment may take the life. Malaria, tuberculosis and dengue are some severe diseases, whose lack of treatment may lead to death. Follow the treatment according to the prescribed manner. Do not lack the medicine. Eat healthy foods and avoid spicy foods. Fruits would be the good option.