100mg caverta pill

Caverta is considered to be the simplest way, to help men get rid of the most annoying sexual disorder in men, which is known as impotency or erectile dysfunction (ED). Sildenafil Citrate is the active chemical composition present in this drug that is responsible for treating the problem of impotency. This unique chemical ingredient present in Caverta helps impotence men to achieve the desired hard on for a considerably long time.

Caverta is an oral medication that is basically designed to help men relax the penile muscles and increase the circulation of blood to certain parts of the body. It is a perfect solution for those men who are not able to perform in bed due to weak organ. It is a highly dependable drug that helps men to achieve flawless sexual performance.

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Caverta is considered to be the best drug that treats the problem of impotency in all men irrespective fo their ages and cause of the disorder.

Dose and use information on Caverta Pills

The most commonly prescribed dose of Caverta is 100mg; it is better to see your doctor before you begin with the treatment.

Follow all the dosing instruction given by your doctor regarding the proper usage of this drug.

Intake only a pill of Caverta once in a day and do repeat the dose before 24 hours.

Take this pill at least an hour before indulging into the sexual act. This is because the drug requires 20-30 minutes to mix with the bloodstream and began showing its effect.

Do not break, chew or crush the pill take it as wholly with a glass of water; do not take this drug with alcohol or grape juice.

Taking this medicine after a heavy meal or after a fatty diet then it may slow down the rapid effect of this drug.

The effect of this drug actively continues in your body for almost 4-5 hours from the time you have taken the drug. This means just a single pill Caverta aids men to enjoy multiple orgasms.

Side-effects of Caverta 100mg

There are some amounts of side-effect that can be caused due to Caverta when it comes to treating impotency. These side-effects are mild and tend to fade away or become invisible after sometime.

Some of the commonly experienced side-effects of Caverta are facial flushing, headache, diarrhea, blurred vision, upset stomach, back pain, dizziness, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, drowsiness, warmth or redness in your face, neck, or chest, etc.

Other serious side-effects reported by the user of Caverta are rare, but can be harmful if not treated on time that are; strokes, pain in chest, heart attack, hearing loss, prolonged erection lasting for almost 4-5 hours, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, vision changes, etc.

Caverta may also cause some serious allergic reactions such as hives, rashes on the skin, itching, and swelling on some parts of the face.

Note: If these or any other side-effect continue to last in your body for a very long time then you must seek immediately for a medical help without delaying it much.

Precautions to use Caverta Tablets?

Take Caverta under proper medical guidance only as this will help you prevent yourself from the harm full side-effects of thus a drug.

Ask for an alternative solution if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate it key chemical composition.

Caverta 100mg is the most commonly recommended dose. This dose must be strictly taken only once in a day with a glass of water.

Taking nitrates based drug along with Caverta can prove to be dangerous hence they may reach with each other and affect your health seriously.

If you are suffering from any serious health problem related to the heart, liver, kidney, spinal cord, prostrate grand, etc. Then you must take the medicine only after seeking advice from your doctor.

Caverta do not prevent you from being affected or treating any sex transmitted diseases you must take care it on your own.

After using the drug should be stored in such a place that it is away from the reach children and women. Since, this drug is a strictly meant to be used by men suffering from impotency only.

How to store Caverta 100mg Tablets?

The effectivity of the drug also depends upon its storing conditions. The most appropriate storing temperature for Caverta is between 20˚C-25˚C (68˚F-77˚F). Do not store the drug under extreme climatic conditions as it may lead to spoilage of the drug and affect you seriously. After using store the drug in an airtight container, to keep safe and long-lasting. Expired pack of Caverta must be disposed or thrown away carefully.