A facial disorder is a disorder of skin, which commonly faces by every individual in today’s world. Most of the skin diseases occur due to ultra violet rays, which give very adverse effect to the skin; it includes the facial skin area as the most suffering parts. Female are more likely to get skin disorders; since, they use various cosmetics products over the face, which damages the texture of the skin, results skin disorders. Cosmetic products are made up of various chemical compounds whose excessive usage is harmful, for the skin. An excessive cosmetic user suffers from dull, weak, and unattractive skin. One may get ugly and aged look in early age period. A family history, cosmetic usage, sun rays, etc. are the reasons, which enhance the risk of skin problems. Some of the skin difficulties arise by consuming excessive medicines; since, medicines are finished up of several chemical compounds, which harm the skin badly. Furthermore, the chemical components present in the medicines damages the texture of the skin and results rough, dry and unhealthy skin. Moreover, skin problem also includes unhealthy diet. People, consuming an unhealthy diet gets various skin defaults considering unattractive and dull skin texture. Furthermore, water is one of the essential sources, to get healthy and glowing skin. One must consume ample amounts of water, to promote healthy and hydrated skin. People, consuming a sufficient amount of water get less chance of skin diseases. However, deficiency of water may lead to various health disorders called unhealthy immune system, dehydrated body, motionless organs, improper digestive system, etc. People, are more likely to get facial skin disorders; since, the skin texture of the face is thin, in nature. There are several facial skin disorders some of them are listed below.

• Wrinkles
Wrinkles are the indication of old age. As the age of a person increases the texture of the skin becomes thinner, dull, loose and inelastic. The protection level of the skin get reduces, once we grow old. Further, it varies according to the person’s ability power. People, consuming a healthy diet gets less wrinkles on their face in old age period. Well wrinkles are a natural process, which every one faces at a particular age. However, some of the factors, which bring early age wrinkles, are excessive smoking, drinking, medications, drug addiction, etc. A wrinkle generates in the form of layers or line over the skin, which makes the face, looks ugly and unattractive. One can also include excessive and regular make up as a wrinkles influencer. After an age, you may find the difference between with makeup and without make up skin.

• Warts
Warts are a type of spreadable skin disorders, which originate in a form of small solid swelling over the skin. Once occurred it may appear in any parts of the body; since, it is spreadable and could catch to the contact person. Warts generates due to HPV (a human papillomavirus), which causes keratin a hard protein layer of the skin. One should avoid sharing the towels, shoes, socks, clothes, etc. since it is spreadable through this factor. One may also get warts from touching the suffering person. Most of the warts gets disappear naturally, and some needs to be treated, to get rid of it. In extreme cases one may go under cosmetic surgery. Warts are one of the embarrassing skin disorders, which may make a person feel uncomfortable, to meet anyone friendly.

• Pimples and acne
The causes of acne and pimples are quite same. An over activeness of the sebaceous gland of the hair follicles leads to pimples formation, and the lock of skin cells inside the hair follicles due to oil absorption generates acne. The pimples and acne generate mostly in back, chest, neck, and face. Pimples are the indication of acne formation. Spots and zits are another name of pimples. It is non-spreadable disorders; one must feel free to come in contact with the people. Acne and pimples are other embarrassing skin defaults, which could be treated fortunately. Treatment may consider medication, cream or surgery. However, people facing acne and pimples problem carry sensitive skin. Well, the family history may enhance the problem of acne and pimples. Almost all human beings are likely, to get this skin difficulty, but youngsters are seen more at risk. It is commonly seen in both male and female.

• Freckles
Freckles are one of the biggest awkward skin disorders, which commonly face by a fair people. Freckles are also known as Ephelis. It is mostly found genetic and generates mostly on the face and back. It originates in the form of dark brown color with small patches, over the skin. Freckles are the result of melanin absorption, in fair people. It exposes more while going under sun rays. However, the family history is the main leading factor; to cause freckles while the hormone imbalances would be considered an additional factor. The treatment process of the freckles may last for many years.

• White patches
White patches, which is also known as vitiligo occurs due to reduction of skin pigmentation. It is mostly found genetic and hardly get cured. The process of treatments last for several years. Its ignorance may spread throughout the body and could bring whole body in a white color. Certain creams are prescribed for such skin disorders. Moreover, exposing to any chemical compound may cause white patches over the skin. Going under treatment at initial steps would be helpful, to avoid it’s spreading. In short, losses of skin pigmentation due to lack of melanin, leads to skin disorders called vitiligo or white patches. In extreme cases, people go under skin surgery with the matching color, of their skin. This surgery fills the gap of the lost skin color and gives some look, to the skin. Certain surgeries are quite expensive and affordable by good financially sound people. When people fail to get any results from the treatment of medication or cream, they may go under skin surgeries therapy.