An excessive intake of fatty foods enhances the bad cholesterol level named as lipid, which actually takes place, in the blood brook. However, our body requires a certain amount of good cholesterol, to perform daily, but bad cholesterol may lead to many health disorders. LDL-C is the sign of bad cholesterol, which indicates excessive cholesterol, in the blood brook. However, HDL-C is the sign of good cholesterol, which requires performing daily activities, and could help to trim down the existence of bad cholesterol, gradually. An excessive LDL-C may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Further, its persistent enhancement may lead to atherosclerosis (a formation of plague) in the blood vessel.

This increases the possibilities of sudden heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. An excessive cholesterol result over weight or obesity problem. Family history is the key part of certain disorders. Moreover, an excessive or chain smoker enhances the risk of plague formation in the arteries, which results heart attacks, brain attacks, cancers, etc. However, to solve such disorders of the health and to reduce the bad cholesterol level; we introduce CRESTOR a medicine, which works superb, to bring down the LDL-C level, and assist to enhance the HDL-C level.


Crestor is a recommended drug, which comes in the category of bad cholesterol reduction pills, termed as statins. Consuming Crestor helps reduce LDL-C level, and increases HDL-C level, respectively. However, its early diagnoses would be helpful; since, it may lead to atherosclerosis formation. A continues increment in LDL-C may shrink the thickness of the blood stream and could form plaque, gradually. An excessive, accumulation of the cholesterol in the arteries, makes difficult to pass the blood towards, the heart, which results heart attacks. Moreover, an insufficient supply of blood enhances the risk cardiac disorders, strokes, brain attack, etc. An intake of Crestor with meals works great, to trim down the bad cholesterol level.

However, high cholesterol is the major causes of heart attacks. An intake of Crestor pills, aids reduces the formation of bad cholesterol, and plaque development. This medicine will prevent the arteries from getting thin, and will facilitate the flow of blood easily, which results less risk of heart attacks, strokes, etc. However, formation of cholesterol is largely seen in the liver, which further gets mixed, with the blood. Moreover, to cut down the bad cholesterol level Crestor works in two ways. Its intake obstructs the enzymes in the liver, failing it to make excess cholesterol. Further, crestor helps bring down the absorption of bad cholesterol, in the blood.

Prevention tips of CRESTOR

One must ask the doctor before starting the process, of this medicine. Prevention is the best procedure, to enhance any of the diseases. Avoid taking CRESTOR in certain condition.

  • If, you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, avoid consuming crestor; since, it may harm your baby and could cause various defects in the fetus. Once it is confirmed that you are pregnant, then stop consuming crestor.
  • Women with breast feeding should avoid an intake of crestor; since, it may reach to the baby through breast milk, and could cause any side-effects, to the baby.
  • Facing any liver disorders
  • Suffering from thyroid problem
  • Carrying any kidney related issues.
  • Going under any other medical treatments.
  • Consult before taking any vitamins and herbal medicines
  • Reveal the doctor if, you are allergic to medicines.
  • Consult the doctor if, you are taking pills for healthy immune system
  • Let the doctor know if, you are already in the process of blood thinning, or cholesterol reduction treatment.
  • Revealing the doctor if, you are an HIV/AIDS sufferer would be beneficial.
  •  Talk to the doctor if, in case you are taking the pills, to avoid pregnancy.
  • Ask the doctor if, you are about to start any other medication treatments.
  • If, you are a chain alcoholic and cigarette smoker then consuming these pills would be useless; since, such addiction reduces the effect of the medicines, and find difficult to treat the problem. You will have to quit this habit for better result, of the medicines. Do reveal about this addiction, to the doctor before consuming CRESTOR medicine.
  •  If, you are suffering from any of the severe disease must tell the doctor about this.

Negative effects of CRESTOR  

A medicine does carry some side-effects, but it varies according, to the person’s bearing ability. Some are found allergic to the medicines, which becomes difficult for them, to treat any diseases. Due to its adverse effect many of the patients tend, to leave the treatment in between. However, a patient who carries various health disorders is only liable, to get such side-effects. Further, it depends on the consumption of crestor pills. Some of the side-effects of consuming crestor are noticed as.

  • Muscle pain and weak body,
  • Stomach pain and improper digestive system.
  • It may also lead to rhabdomyolysis and autoimmune myopathy problem.
  • Nausea, headache.
  • Myalgia, and asthenia.
  • Liver disorders.
  • Severe renal failure.
  • It could also lead to constipation problem.
  • Its rare possible reaction leads to yellow eyes, and irritating skin.
  • Vomiting, dark urine, difficulty in breathing is some additional negative effects of crestor.
  • In a very rare case; it, may also lead to lung, tongue, and face disorders.


Women in pregnancy and during breast feeding should avoid consuming Crestor medicines. A severe sufferer of any diseases, or a patient who is already under treatments, should consult the doctor before, preceding the crestor treatments. A severe sufferer of kidney disorders, liver disorder should take some precautions, to intake this medicine. Consulting the doctor for the precaution, would be appreciable. In addition, consume the crestor pill according, to the suggested manner. Do not overdose or under dose it. Try to avoid missing the dose.


Store the crestor pills at room temperature away from sunlight and children. Read the label properly before using.