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Make sure that you are consuming the appropriately prescribed Cyclosporine by your doctor. Ensure that your doctor has specified the type of Cyclosporine and the brand name that you have to use. Ask your pharmacist to change the drug if the brand name is different and make sure that you are receiving the same type of Cyclosporine.

Cyclosporine Dose Information

Read on to find the dosing instructions for Cyclosporine. For the best treatment it is important to follow the dosing instructions.
Cyclosporine is extremely easy to use; it comes in the liquid state.
Ideally, a doctor will prescribe you to take this drug twice in a day.
Each prescribe doses of Cyclosporine should be taken with a gap of twelve hours daily until recommended.
Make sure that you are taking the medicine daily at the same time of day.
If you are following this treatment sincerely, then you will be able to get a sooner relief.
You can easily find the dosing instruction on the container label. But, if you find feel doing about the dosing method then it is better to take a help from your doctor.
Do make any changes to the prescribed dose; take the drug exactly that is recommended to you.
Cyclosporine is available in a small bottle like container and each bottle is considered as a single dose.
Ensure that your hands are clean before you open the bottle and start applying.
Since this is an eye medicine thus, every necessary precaution should be followed strictly, do not touch the dropper tip with hands or with anything else as it’s contagious and will badly affect your eyes.
Earlier to putting Cyclosporine drop make sure that you are removing your eye lenses and then wait for 5 to 10 minutes after removing then apply the medicine.
After putting the eye drop you will experience a mild burning sensation, but it is temporary and will remain there for some time only. Thus, do not blink or rub your eyes.
These are the proper dosing tips for using Cyclosporine. Stick to it and follow it regularly for quick relief.

Side-effects of Cyclosporine

Cyclosporine is a highly safe and a reliable treatment for the problem of dry eyes.
Like any chemical based medicine Cyclosporine too has some side-effects connected with this eye it.
Connected dose didn’t mean all those who are taking this medicine will have to face these side-effects.
Commonly shown side-effects of Cyclosporine are not very harmful.
They do not even stay in your body for too long and vanishes in a few hours.
We suggest people not to stop taking the medicine on their happening.
Some of the common side-effects of Cyclosporine are overflow of tear production, itching, blurred vision, burning of eyes, feeling that something is in the eye, redness in eyes, pain, discharge from eyes, etc.
In some of the rare cases, Cyclosporine can also cause some serious adverse effects such as reddening of face, chest pain, dark urine, seizure, numbness in skin, confusion, blood in the urine, chest, mood swings, gum disease, muscle cramps, etc.
These serious side-effects should be immediately treated.

Storage Informatiobn on Cyclosporine Eye Drops

Proper storing for any drug is important because it holds the quality of the drug and prevents it from spoiling very soon.
Cyclosporine also has some special storage conditions, read on to find them.
The bottle of Cyclosporine should be always stored in a maintained room temperature that should not exceed 25˚C and must not go below 15˚C.
Absolutely high or low temperature can easily spoil the drug.
Cyclosporine should be stored in an airtight container to stop the drug from reacting with the external condition and improve the life of the drug.
Place the drug in such a way that it kept away from the reach of children.
The presence of drug in extreme heat, light and moisture may lead to it’s soon spoilage.
Do not keep it near the kitchen and bathroom.
Carefully dispose out the bottle of Cyclosporine if expired.

What precautions are important to use Cyclosporine Eye Drops?

Many people fail to understand that it is not only about taking the right medicine, but it is about taking the medicine in the right amount and with all the precautionary steps.
Precautions will definitely help you stay away from all sorts of side-effects that may affect you by taking the treatment.
If you are taking Cyclosporine for the treatment of dry eye problem then it is also important for you to follow some the precautionary steps.
Cyclosporine should be used only after receiving a doctor’s recommendation.
Take the treatment seriously and follow it regularly.
It is your duty to check if the drug is suitable for you or not, inform you doctor if you are allergic it its chemical composition or if you are facing any sort of side-effect.
Maintain a gap of 4-5 minutes between the two drops of Cyclosporine. Do not use them immediately one after the other.
Do use the drug while you are wearing your lenses on remove then wait for some time and then apply.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not make use of this drug under any condition.