Gout is a kind of arthritis which can be extremely painful. Several researches have disclosed that most often a person’s diet is one of the major reasons behind onset of gout. Most of the time, body produces purines which are busted and leads to formation of uric acid within body. Intake of food which you consume is also responsible for accumulation of purine. Presence of huge amount of purine in the body gives rise to development of uric acid, which further break them down. Sometimes uric acid level rise considerably. When this goes on, the uric acid takes over a crystallized form and starts to acquire deposited at the joints in the body. This deposition of uric acid is extremely painful and induces vast uneasiness. Since diet plays a crucial role in the production of gout, it is mandatory to make changes in the diet in order to limit over the consumption of such foods. The following information will definitely assist you about what foods to be eaten and averted by people suffering through gout.


Generally gout develops after several years of uric acid crystals formation in the joints and nearby tissues. Gout attacks are unexpected with the regular symptoms being an attack where there is an acute soreness in a joint. This is the phase of extreme gouty arthritis. The pain is compiled by redness and puffiness of the region. In most of the instance, the pain takes place in the joints of the big toe. The chances are high that gout can also occur to wrist, elbow, heel, ankle, foot, knee, or finger joints. The attack could stay either for some day or some weeks and then fade away. The next attack could takes place within months, weeks or could even take duration of years to re-emerge.


Over production of uric acid in the body, poor functioning of kidney, consuming foods holding high level of purine, over intake of alcohol, dehydration, too much stress, high blood pressure are some of the possible causes related with condition of gout.


There are certain foods that assist a person going through from gout to limit the consumption of purines. These foods are easily digested by the body and obviate enhancing the production of uric acid in long run.

Complex carbohydrates:-

Foods enriched with complex carbohydrates are one of the potent solutions for people with gout to beat this disease successfully. Food items like rice, cereals, potatoes and cereal products hold excellent source of complex carbohydrate. Include these food items in your daily regiment and keep gout at bay.

Low fat food stuff:-

Foods that hold low amount of fat are also extremely healthy for people suffering through gout. They aid to bring down the threat of the onset of gout. It is wise to consume low fat dairy products and prefer low fat skim milk by people with gout.

Nuts and seeds:-

A gout diet is just incomplete without including nuts and seeds. An excellent source of low- purine seeds and nuts such as cashew nuts, almond, flaxseeds and walnuts is also healthiest option. Along with this, the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits is always more beneficial.


Fluids are always a vital and frequently unnoticed element of any person’s diet. If you are going through from gout, give preference to intake of plenty of fluids in the form of juices, etc. Also, ensure that you drink ample of water every day. Fluids assist substantially in eliminating the uric acid from the body.


There are also some foods that enhance risk of occurrence of gout and some can deteriorate the condition. As a result, it is obligatory to either evade their consumption or at least reduce to get over it sooner. The lists of food which need to be obviated by people with gout are mentioned below:

Animal protein:-

It has been noticed that uric acid level in the body enhances to a great extent because of intake of animal meats, particularly organ meat. Hence, keep distance from organ meat like meat extracts, liver, brain, and kidney. Also, cutting down the consumption of poultry and other forms of red meat will aid in the lessening of the uric acid. If you cannot completely eliminate them from your daily regimen, then eating them after boiling or steaming is also good option. Do not fry them, as gout condition can aggravate with fried foods.


The intake of too much alcohol has also been known to raise the incidence and strengthen the signs of gout. Thus, averting alcohol is the superior option.


Some seafood has the ability to ease the uneasiness stimulated by gout. Fish such as sardines, tuna, mackerel and herring should not be consumed by people suffering through gout. Since, they are responsible for worsening the gout condition very badly. Apart from these seafood, people affected by gout should strictly say no to consumption of caviar, lobsters, scallops, shrimp, oysters, calamari and so on.

Simple carbohydrates:-

People going through from gout should completely exclude simple carbohydrates from their diet. Particularly, simple carbohydrates in the form of sugar and sweets are known to have negative impact on people with this condition. Therefore, keep distance from too much sugar intake.

Foods enriched with fructose:-

As much as possible, stay away from foods packed with fructose (sweetened corn syrup). These comprise soft drinks as well as artificially sweetened juices.


Along with above mentioned foods, exclude beans, mushrooms, peas and lentils completely from diet because of their excessive purine element, if following gout diet.