The ears are found most significant constitute of the body, which detects sound. It holds the ability of hearing and acting on a particular matter. When you fail to hear anything, you fail to act on it. In short, the ear is responsible for human body performance; since, the hearing ability makes the person understand the idiom and reply or act on it. The function performed by every organ varies. Pinna is a factor, which is located inside the ear that helps reach the voice towards ear canal. With the help of this ear channel the sounds arrive to the eardrum, placed in the center part of the ear. The region of eardrum holds hammer, stirrup, anvil, partial-circular and many other workable constituents. The sounds further reach to the inner section of the ear i.e., Eustachian tube, cochlea and nerves. The nerves further take the sounds towards the brain, for the performance. This is the process, which makes the sound to understand and to act on it.

Now, you might have understood how significant the ear function is? Any damages to any parts of the ears may disturb the whole function, of the ears. An ear infection is the common complication, which a person faces; it may occur at any section of the ears. The causes of ear infections are various, but the precaution found a best option, to get prevented. I have seen most of the people placing and playing with the pointed stuff in the ears; this is one of the leading factors to cause ear infections and sometimes eardrum damage. Mostly, the center parts of the ears get affected by the otitis infections.  A swelling of eardrums due to bacteria leads to otitis issue. Children are at more risk of otitis infections. Certain types of ear infections involve itchiness, redness and inflammation of the ears. Sometimes, the ignorance may lead to severe problem, which comprises fever, a severe pain, and mucus formation. This generally occupies the center part of the ears.

Most of the time, the formation of mucus becomes so severe that it blocks the passage of sounds. In some extreme cases people lose their hearing ability power. The ear infection gradually starts with pain and further leads to itching, irritation, head pain, jaw pain, swollen face, fever, sleeping disorders, diarrhea, appetite loss, oozing of yellow discharge from the ears, etc. The ear pain may come in normal or chronic form, but any of this condition needs special care and treatments. Most of the people tend to ignore the normal ear pain, which further becomes biggest complication in the future. An untreated or ignored ear disorders may damage the eardrums and cause deafness. Sometimes, a severe hurt over the ears may damage the eardrums and could lead to ear cancer, if ignored. Certain problem comprises with instant and severe pain. A formation of ear wax stood the main reasons, for the ear pain. In certain situation, people are seen penetrating a pointed thing inside the ears, which is harmful for the ears. Instead this, one must use the removal of ear wax oil, to eliminate the ear wax easily.

Besides this, one can use natural remedies to treat a minor ear disorders, this remedy have been found running from ancient times and stood helpful for mending various ear infections. Most of the people scared to follow certain natural remedies, to treat ear disorders. It’s partially accepted, but before using certain remedies make sure that you are familiar about the remedies. Here are some of the lists that will help you out, to get rid of minor ear complication.

1) Boiled water with salt contained found helpful, to treat inflamed and itchy ear. Keep the salt water for boiling and soak it in a piece of cotton cloth, further place that cotton cloth inside the ears or cover the ears with the cloth. This will help reduce the swelling of the ears. Practice this therapy for 4 days and see the effect.

2) Add some garlic cloves in the mustard or sesame oil and keep for boiling until it turns into a brownish color. Further, place down the mixture and drop a warm mixture of this oil inside the infected ears. This mixture works fabulously to treat ear disorders. The people were usually to follow this mixture in olden days. It’s a famous and effective homemade remedy, to mend ear complication, naturally.

3) One can also make use of warm olive oil, to beat the inflamed and infected ears. It works greatly, to eliminate the fungal or ear wax problem. Warm some olive oil and put the drops inside the ears. Follow this regularly, until the conditions get mended.

4) I have also seen people using apple cider vinegar, to treat ear infections. Mix some drop of vinegar in the water and soak it with the cotton ball. Further, place this cotton ball inside the ears and remove out after sometimes.

5) Most of the people found using onion juice, to get rid of infected ears; it’s an olden homemade remedy, which was used by the people, to treat ear infection in yesterdays. Mix some onion piece in the water and keep for boiling. Further, filter the water and drop it in the infected ears. You can also soak a cotton ball and place inside the ears. This remedy works marvelously, to treat and cure various minor ear infections.

6) I have found many of the people using the mango leaves juice. I know it sounds strange, but the fact revealed after using this mixture. Put some leaves in the water and keep for boiling. Further, drop the mild warm water, in the infected ears. You can also soak a cotton ball and place inside the ears.

7) One can also make use of tea tree oil. This is again stood beneficial and effective oil for healing the infectious attack. Make a mixture of olive oil, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar, soak it in the cotton ball and place it inside the infected ears. It works excellently to treat minor ear disorders.