Eating Disorders – Common Causes and Treatment

Disorders can be of various kinds and may not always be associated with lung disease, kidney failure, skin disease or eye disease. You may also suffer from eating disorders that can be classified into two types. Consuming too much food or eating too little of it are two indicators of eating disorder. To put it in simple words, extreme changes in eating habits can be a symptom of an eating disorder.

An eating disorder is often accompanied by mental health issues like depression, anxiety, too much stress, and more. This disorder commonly affects children and youngsters. It is particularly common among girls and women and is quite rare among men.

There are many factors that can lead to the onset of an eating disorder. Mental, social and biological factors commonly trigger this condition. Besides these, financial problems, relationship issues, emotional disorders, and cultural issues can all result in the development of an eating disorder. Mentioned below are some of the most common eating disorders. Having proper knowledge about this condition can help you to protect against it.

People who have experienced any kind of sexual or physical abuse at any point in life are at a higher risk of suffering from eating disorders. Any other form of traumatic experience can also disturb the normal eating routine and cause this condition. The best way to prevent this kind of problem is to always remain fit and overcome physical or emotional injuries as soon as you can.

Some people have body that is naturally prone to suffer from eating disorders. Serotonin, which is a chemical that some people’s brain develops too often, can influence the eating habits of an individual in a big way. It is likely to cause an eating disorder by disturbing the normal eating process of the body. The only way to treat this biological flaw is to seek proper and timely medical treatment.

An individual’s emotional and psychological health plays a huge role in causing eating disorders. Not being in a perfect emotional and psychological state of mind significantly increases a person’s chances of suffering from this condition.

No one can completely escape stress and ups and downs in life. At some point in life, everyone will go through experiences like family problems, chronic illnesses, death of a loved one, etc. People who fail to cope properly with such emotionally draining situations tend to go in depression and find solace in food. This often leads to overeating that has a negative effect on the overall health and eventually leads to an eating disorder. Therefore, it is important to have control over your diet irrespective of the situation.

The good news for people who suffer from an eating disorder is that it is very much possible to fix this problem. The first step towards recovery is to accept the fact that you are suffering from an eating disorder. Most people who suffer from this condition are in a state of denial and this worsens the situation. It is important for friends and family of the patient to make them understand that it is a serious problem that requires medical attention.

Once the patient is ready to undergo treatment, the next step should be to consult a psychiatric and get the cause of the problem determined. After finding out the root cause of the condition, the psychiatric will suggest an appropriate treatment. Strictly following his instructions and having support of the family can make it a lot easier to overcome eating disorders.