Erectile dysfunction is a widely spread sexual disorder in men

The term male impotency usually deals with erectile dysfunction which is major sexual disorder caused in men of different age group. Erectile dysfunction (ED), is defined as a man’s lack of ability to have an erection hard enough to have sex or, to keep an erection long enough to reach climax during the act of making love. Till date erectile dysfunction has affect millions of married life who are still looking for some sort for help to overcome this condition.

Although it was earlier studied that erectile dysfunction is common condition in men after the age of 45, well it can occur at any age. It is important for us to understand that occasional appearance of erectile failure happen to most of the men and that is absolutely normal this means every man faces this condition at some point of time in his life. If this condition is left untreated then it may lead to reduce your in sex and sexual act, reduction in orgasms, less intensity, premature ejaculation, etc.

Although in the previous Para we have said that it is absolutely normal to experience erection occasionally but it is advisable for instantly seek for medical help if this lasts for more than 2 months or so on.

Sildenafil Citrate is an FDA approved chemical element that treats impotency effectively. It became the first chemical element to treat erectile problems in men. Viagra is the first oral pill that included Sildenafil Citrate as its key chemical element that treated impotency to its core. Since this drug was sold at a very high price not men could make use of it and therefore they had to live with it. This problem gave rise to the Generic formulation of this drug that treats impotency effortlessly.

Generic Viagra is not thing different but just an affordable version of a brand named drug called Viagra that promises to give the same results and affects that to a much lower price without compromising over the quality of the drug. Generic Viagra contains the same chemical composition that is present in its brand name version. This drug is exactly same to it branded equivalent when it comes to its quality, purity, effectiveness, satisfying result, side-effects, etc. Both the drugs are exactly same to each other and the only visible difference between them is their appearance and price.

This simply works by improving the flow of blood to the penile region and allows men to attain and sustain the desire hard penis for a satisfying sexual intercourse. It widens the blood vessels and relaxes the penis muscles so that there is enough blood flowing in the penis for men to achieve desired hard penis for a satisfying and a longer lasting sexual intercourse.

While you are taking this medication there are certain precautionary steps that you all need to follow. Most importantly take this medication only after consulting and seeking advice from your healthcare provider. Never take this medication with any nitrate based drug it can be dangerous and cause serious side-effects to your body. Avoid taking this medication if you are suffering from health complication related to heart, liver, kidney, spinal cord, prostate gland, etc. it may lead to worsen the condition. Limit or restrict consumption of alcohol, and addictive smoking while you are on Generic Viagra oral medication treatment for impotency.

If you are looking for much affordable options to treat impotency then we recommend you to buy these pills from various online drugstores. These online drugstores will provide you with best deals and discount offers.