Most of us often takes care of only face and hands and often neglect to care the area of neck. Dark skin around the neck looks really bad. Many people feel embarrassing due to dark patches around neck. This skin disorders is also known as acanthosisnigricans. This disorder of skin spoil you look and might affect your confidence as well. It is not an infection as well as not a contagious. Sun exposure, aging, hormonal imbalance, oil, dust, diabetes, genetics, poor hygiene, sudden weight gain or weight loss, polycystic ovary syndrome, pigmentation, liver or intestinal disorders, skin infection are some of the common causes that are associated with dark patches on neck. However, the list of tips mentioned below will definitely you to get rid of dark neck.


1) Lemon juice:-

Lemon contains rich source of citric acid and acts as a natural bleaching agent. The high content of vitamin C present in lemon removes dead cells and lightens skin tone. Hence, lemon is believed to be effective for lightening the dark complexion around your neck. So, apply lemon juice to affected dark area of neck with a cotton ball. After 15-20 minutes rinse skin with lukewarm water. If you have the sensitive skin then reduced the use of lemon juice and one fact also keep in mind that not to expose your neck directly to sunlight after the application of lemon juice on neck. Besides that, mix lemon juice and rose water in equal proportion and apply this mixture on the dark patches of neck before going to bed. Follow these remedies for at least one month to get desire results.

2) Lemon juice, honey and tomato:-

Take honey, tomato juice and lemon juice and mix all these ingredients. Apply this mixture around the neck and leave for at least 20 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Follow this remedy daily to get quicker results.

3) Almonds:-

Almond contains essential vitamins and properties that nourish the skin and eliminates discoloration. In short, it keeps skin healthy. Almond oil acts as a moisturizer. Mix almond powder, milk powder and honey and make a thick paste. Then, apply the paste on the dark patches of neck. Leave for at least 30 minutes and finally wash it off with warm water. Another option is massage your neck with almond oil as it improves blood circulation around the neck and makes your skin glowing. Apart from these, simply soak 5-6 almond in water overnight then in morning grind the soak almond and make a thick paste. Then apply that paste on the neck and scrub gently for 5-10 minutes daily to get rid of dark neck.

4) Walnuts and yogurt:-

Walnuts hold an excellent source of vitamins and zinc that nourish the skin. Blend crush walnuts in yogurt and make thick paste. Apply the mixture on neck and gently scrub fro 15-20 minutes and leave until it gets dry. Finally rinse it off with using cold or rose water. If you follow this remedy daily twice in a day you will notice glowing skin within a couple of weeks only.

5)Aloe vera:-

Aloe vera is a powerhouse of antioxidants and other essential compounds that help to repair and produce new skin cells. Take 2 tbsp aloe vera gel, ½ potato paste and ½ tbsp lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients and make thick paste. Apply and keep rubbing 5-10 minutes. Then wash with cold water.

6) Oatmeal:-

Mix 1 tbsp of turmeric powder, 1 tbsp of gram flour and 2 tbsp of oatmeal. Then make a thick paste with the help of rose water and milk. Apply this wonderful scrub to lighten your dark portion of neck and leave until it gets dry. Then wash it off with warm water.

7) Ginger:-

Simply take small slice of ginger and rub your neck with the help ginger to get lighter color of neck within couple of week. This remedy is considered to be effective remedy as it gives instant results.

8) Sandalwood and saffron:-

Make a paste of 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder, 3-4 pinches of saffron and ½ cup of lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients in 3 tbsp of yogurt. Keep rubbing with that mixture for 5 minutes. Leave for 30 minutes and after that wash the skin with normal water.

9) Baking Soda:-

It acts as a natural skin exfoliateor. It cleanses the skin and removes dark patches. In fact, the combination of baking soda and water has proven beneficial in removing dark patches that takes place around the neck. Take 3 part of baking soda and one part of water then make a thick paste. Apply the paste and leave until it gets dry. Follow this remedy to improve the complexion of your neck in a couple of weeks only.

10) Orange peel:-

Vitamin C present in oranges plays a crucial role in lightening the skin tone. Orange peel not only doses the work of cleansing but also bleaches the skin. Put some orange peel in the sun. After that, make a powder of dry orange peel. Apply the mixture on dark portion of your neck and allow it to dry. Finally wash with lukewarm water. Besides that you can make use of orange juice as well.

11) Potato:-

The enzyme called catecholase found in potato lightens the dark patches on neck. Simply apply potato juice all around the neck. After 15 minutes, wash the skin with normal water. Another option is mix lime and potato juice together and applies daily to get the positive results.

12) Chickpea Flour:-

Chickpea flour works as an excellent scrubber to get rid of dark portion around the neck. Make use of chickpea flour with turmeric. As turmeric is known to have antiseptic properties and it is quite effective in treating various skin disorders. Mix a pinch of turmeric in 2 tbsp of chickpea flour. Then mix these ingredients with the help of water and make a thick paste. Apply the paste around the neck and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Finally wash with normal water and follow this remedy till you get desire results.