The Liver is one of the important organs in body which is located in the abdominal cavity. It is quite pinkish brown in color and plays a crucial in various bodily processes. It is essential for survival since it include wide range of functions like detoxification, protein synthesis, hormone production, decomposition of red blood cells and production of biochemical necessary for digestion. Poor eating habits, excessive consumption of alcohol, junk food, fried and other high- fat foods may lead to severe liver diseases.

Liver is the only organ of body which is responsible for converting the food which we consumed into energy. Liver plays a key role in converting harmful toxins into less harmful ones and ensures whether they are eradicated from your body or not. However, in some cases, few toxins get left behind in liver cells which Produces free radicals and damage liver and overall health. This is because consumption of organic food is vital for good liver. Unhealthy consumption of food may lead to anxiety, headache, depression, fatigue, jaundice, confusion, food allergies and fatal diseases like cancer, fatty liver, liver failure etc.

The most remarkable thing about the liver is its ability to regenerate itself. It can rejuvenate to health in any circumstances. Below listed are some of the natural ways to strengthened the overall liver health.


1) Consume organic food:-

Daily consumption of organic food is essential for healthy liver. Since the food which you consume makes lot of impact on liver health. Organic food contains significant amount of antioxidant, iron and zinc as compared to other normal food. Antioxidants are vital for detoxification of liver. These days most fruits and vegetables are contaminated with chemical additives and lead to severe liver diseases. As a result organic food is good for healthy liver.

2) Avoid fried and processed food containing trans fats or hydrogenated oil:-

Intake of fried and processed food carries lot of burden on liver. Tran’s fats and hydrogenated oil are usually common in French fries, other junk food and street food which is really unhygienic for liver as well as overall health. Besides that, many fruit juice and cold drinks contains fructose in large quantities. Studies indicate that intake of these fried and processed food lead to fatty liver disease and obesity. Hence, consumption of this food should be strictly avoided.

3) Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol:-

Alcohol consumption is harmful for liver health as it destroys liver cells that lead to liver damage. This becomes the primary cause of fatty liver health, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis and inflammation. Hence, even drinking small amount of alcohol stimulates lot of complication.

4) Make certain limit on consumption of fat:-

High content of fat and cholesterol in body is harmful for liver health. The combination of large content of fat and cholesterol are the causes of fatty liver disease. Because high content of fat leads to hyperlipidaemia and high level of cholesterol lead to hypercholesterolaemia. Both are the causes of fatty liver. Hence, avoid consumption of fat to keep liver healthy.

5) Regular blood checkups is vital:-

A blood test can be a great option to know the level of fat, cholesterol and glucose in blood. Since the level of fat, cholesterol and glucose all are closely related with fatty liver disease.

6) Quit the habit of smoking:-

Research has proven that smoking cigarettes is associated with the development of liver cancer. It also affects livers ability to processes and removes toxins from body.

7) Regular exercise is essential:-

Regular exercise along with healthy diet is one of the prominent ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, immune system and liver. Daily 30 minutes of exercise can help to keep several severe diseases at bay. Daily spending some time from busy schedule for your favorable activity like jogging, dancing, football, gardening, walking cycling or yoga, is also one kind of exercise. It helps to give relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Thus, start with gentle exercise because over exercise may cause negative impact on overall health.

8) Drink plenty of clean or lemon water:-

Water is one of the important source uses to detox system. It is one of the way by which toxins are remove from body. Soda, juice, coffee and other cold drinks contains lot of fructose which causes negative impact on liver health. Hence, avoid consumption of these harmful cold rinks and drink plenty of lemon water. As it contains citric acid which induces liver to produce bile, which is another important tool that body uses to eliminate toxins.

9) Food which Improves liver health:-

Having following food in your daily diet may beneficial to keep liver healthy.

• Green leafy and cruciferous vegetable: Spinach, bitter melon, arugula, chicory, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and green mustard are some of the vegetable which neutralizes toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals and also support production of digestive enzymes.

• Beetroot and carrot: Beetroot holds pectin content, which is consider beneficial for eliminating the toxins from liver and does not allow the process of reabsorbed. Apart from that, carrot carries niacin in large quantity which breaks down substances to release toxins and avoid re-absorption of harmful substances.

• Garlic: It contains excellent source of sulfur which helps to liver in detoxification processes. Besides that, it helps to eradicate heavy metals like lead, mercury, estrogen and nitrogen from your body which are the chances of causing liver cancer.

• Green tea: It is known to have catechins compound which effectively assist liver function.

• Tomato: Fresh tomato holds 169 mg of glulathione. Thus, play a crucial role in detoxifying the liver.

• Milk thistle: It is extract of seed contains high mount of antioxidant which promote liver health and fight against oxidation and protect form damaging the liver cells.

• Soybean: It holds rich source of fiber and proteins while low in saturated fat and cholesterol. As a result, maintain proper functioning of liver health.

• Apples: The pectin content found in apple helps in neutralizing heavy metals in digestive tract and reduces burden on liver. Hence, promote liver health.

• Grape fruit: It is rich in antioxidant and vitamin C. thus, helps in producing enzyme in detoxification of liver.

• Other foods items such as walnuts, turmeric, olive oil, cold pressed oils, and flax seeds are also beneficial in maintaining healthy liver.