An Effective Weight Loss Diet Program

Obesity and overweight is the biggest problem faced by people all over the world. When it comes to weight loss, I am sure there is no shortage of advice that you will receive. You will receive plenty of advices and diet plans by different individual, magazine and online blogs. Well it is very much true that our diet plays a very important role in helping us improve health and body structure.

We often come across many individuals who give us difference advices and suggest us many different diet plan that may have been effective in their case but not necessary that it would be the same in our case as well. I am sure till now you must have followed many health and diet plans and must have failed numerous times, but I am sure this must have not taken away your desire and confidence to have a better health. In this article we would like you to suggest a full-proved diet plan that will sure help you loss some extra weight and eventually make you look good and healthier.

The following seven days diet and health program is developed for all men and women as it does not has any side-effects and can be used by different individual from different walks of life. This program is specially designed for a target weight loss of 10 to 17 lbs per week. This diet will in particular also improve your attitude and emotions due to its cleansing systematic effect.

While you are on this diet plan stay away from alcoholic beverages and make sure that you are consuming enough water each day.

Day One

For the first day you are preparing your system for upcoming program. Today you will eat all fruits except banana. Fruits are nature’s perfect food that gives you everything that you would possible desire to sustain good health and balance. You first day diet will consists of all types of fruits of your choice. You suggest you to take lots of watermelon and loupe melon, as they increase your chances of losing at least 3 lbs on the first day.

Day Two

For the second day start with a complex carbohydrates diet with an oil dose. Have this in the morning for energy and a well balanced diet. You can engage yourself to eat all types of vegetables whether raw or cooked, you can eat them until you are suffered with it. For example, you can start your day two with a large baked potato, with one pat of butter over it. For the next two days you will be eating lots of fruits and vegetables that are almost calorie free and provide you with the essential nutrients and fibers.

Day Three

Today you can eliminate potatoes as you can get your carbohydrates from fruits. Have a mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice; eat them until you are full “Any Amount; Any Quantity.” You will find that your system is now prepared to start burning excess pounds from your body. Remember NO Bananas and No Potatoes for today.

Day Four

For the day four you can have Bananas and milk. Although bananas, milk and soups sounds to be the strangest and seems to be the least desirable once. Today’s diet plan will be combined with a special vegetable soup, which can be eaten in a limited quantity. The bananas are there for potassium and sodium as you may have missed in the past three days.

Day Five

Well today is your feast day, since you can eat beef and tomatoes. Beef is for iron and proteins and tomatoes to digestion and its fiber content. And after that you must have lots and lots of water to purify your system. Do not feel as if you have to eat all this beef but ensure that you are eating 6 tomatoes. On day five it is essential for you to increases the intake of water, this is to clean your system.

Day Six

Your diet plan for day six will be similar to day five, such as you can get iron and proteins from beef; vitamins and fibers from vegetables. By now your bodily system will totally be proactive for weight loss. Today you will find a noticeable change in the way you look in compared to day one.

Day Seven

Today you can finish your program, finish it off in a much healthier way. Now you have your body system in control since you have flushed and cleaned your system. This last day of your diet program will contain of brown rice, vegetable, and fruit juice.