Exercising Tips for Diabetes Patients

Exercise is very beneficial for diabetes patients as it helps to maintain the blood sugar levels and also lowers the risk of heart disease. It is never easy to start off with a new exercise routine, especially for people who are not at all used to exercising. Moreover, people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes often feel reluctant to begin with a new routine. A proper combination of prescribed medications, diabetes friendly diet, and exercise can play a huge role in helping you to keep diabetes under control. If you are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and are looking for healthy ways to exercise, then the tips explained below can come in handy.

Have a discussion with your doctor before going ahead with an exercise routine

Diabetes is a kind of health issue that requires you to stay in constant touch with your doctor. To avail the benefits of an exercise routine and ensure that it does not cause any harm, it is very important to first discuss it with your doctor.

Start off slow

When starting off with a new exercise routine, you need to take it slow. Initially, a ten minute walk is good enough. You just need to ensure that you make it an inseparable part of your schedule. Go for a short 10 minute walk for five days a week, and stick to this routine for three to four weeks. Once you start to feel comfortable with this easy routine, you can increase the duration to 30 minutes. This healthy habit of walking will help you to balance blood sugar levels, increase your energy level and will also make you look and feel younger.

Stay active throughout the day

Besides going for a short walk at least five times a week, try to perform small physical activities throughout the day. There are many easy and enjoyable ways to stay active. Doing light yoga or Tai Chi will keep you active and also benefit your body in several ways. To merge exercise with your daily routine, you can use stairs rather than taking the escalator or the elevator.

Find a workout buddy

Exercising alone can sometimes be boring. Having a friend to workout with and keep you motivated can make a lot of positive difference in your approach. Joining a walking group is also a good idea as it will ensure that you always have company.

Set realistic goals

Setting small and realistic goals can add that extra bit of motivation. Moreover, the satisfaction that you get from achieving a goal can encourage you to do even better. Always ensure that you do not have unrealistic expectations as this will only lead to disappointment and hinder your efforts. Set small and achievable goals such as losing 10 pounds, not missing your exercise routine, etc.

Reward your efforts

Rewarding yourself on accomplishing a goal can do a world of good. Make sure that you don’t reward yourself with foods or drinks that can sabotage your achievement. Getting yourself some spa treatment, going out with your friends, planning a short vacation, etc. are some good ways to remind yourself of your accomplishments.

Have a positive mindset

Always remember that you are doing all this for your own good. When you lack motivation, remind yourself of the reasons behind staring off with an exercise routine. You are not the only one suffering from type 2 diabetes. Millions of people suffer from this common health problem, and a lot of them have managed to get control over it. Stay positive and always believe that you have the ability to keep your diabetes under check.