Red eyes are a condition, which turns white surface of the eyes into a red due to irritation and swelling. Apart from this there are many factors, which cause red eyes. Well, it depends on how often people tend to follow certain factors. Sometimes, the lifestyle of the person matters a lot, to cause eye disorder. A burst of the eye blood vessel found responsible for the red eye condition. Not whole eye, but you can see some portion of the eyes with an accumulated blood; since, when the blood vessels of the eyes break, it gets spread over the eyes. Well, it’s not so severe condition; one can get rid of it after going through treatment procedure. The Eyes are the casement of the world, to enjoy the beauty of the nature; one needs to take extreme care of their eyes. I have seen the people ignoring a minor eye defect, which later turn, into severe concern. Besides, I have seen most of the people using certain cosmetic product to improve the beauty of the eyes, which further becomes a barrier for the eye function. A lack of rest stood a biggest concern for an eye disorder. There are many other facts, which are found responsible for red eyes. Let’s see in detail.

• Any hurt or injury to the eyes found responsible for the eye difficulties. People, undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery can cause red, inflamed eyes. Sometimes, it turns into sub-conjunctive hemorrhage. In certain condition, always keep the immediate contact with the doctors.

• Playing with certain stuff with the eyes or getting hurt through the stuff such as ball or something may lead, to red and inflamed eyes. Getting hurt through a hard stuff enhances the risk of eyesight damages. The case mostly found with the boys playing with the cricket.

• People, with dry eyes may get the risk of red eyes issue. It takes place, when the tear glands fail to form sufficient quantity and quality of tears, to facilitate the function of the eyes. Persistent dry eyes issue leads to engorge, irritated and red eyes.

• An allergic reaction is an obvious fact of red, inflamed and irritating eyes. Most of the people found allergic to contact lenses, dust, pollen, certain chemicals, etc. which leads to itchy eyes, results inflamed blood vessels causing red and watery eyes. If, in case you have this complication, then do carry the eye drop with you every time.

• One of the leading factors, to cause red eyes is contact lenses. Don’t be so careless about wearing contact lens; since it may lead to germs existing near the surface of the eyes. When you place the lens see to it that it is clean. The contact lens has become key aspects to cause fungal, irritating, itchy, inflamed and red eyes. People, holding contact lens may easily get the risk of eye disorder. So, in case one should consult the doctor, immediately. Moreover, contact lens found a main concern for the dry eyes; it restricts the oxygen to reach the cornea and to produce tears.

• Prolonged working on the computer may become a barrier for the eyes, to work properly. One need to give relaxes to the eyes in every one hour period. A persistent gazing over the electronic stuff such as computer, mobile, televisions, etc. may bring painful, swelled, and red color eyes. Sometimes, persistent working on computers and lack of rest may lead to eye sight damages. If, you are in the office try performing eye exercise in every one hour, to keep your eyes functioning, well. For occupational people, the computer has become a barrier for their eye sights. I have seen most of the people, working prolong over the computer holds red, inflamed and painful eyes.

• A prolonged study in a dim light may lead to red and watery eyes. Do not read or work in a strong or a dim light, both will harm your eye sights. Try managing the rays of the light in medium; since a strong rays leads to headache and blurry vision.

• People, suffering from cold flu may get the risk of watery, red and inflamed eyes comprises with a runny nose. Sinus infection, coughing, persistent sneezing appears the eyes in red color.

• Women, who are pregnant, may get the risk of red, dry, itchy, and puffy eyes due to hormonal changes. They can also face sensitiveness towards the light rays.

• An occupational place, which includes chemicals and dust pollution found extreme responsible for eyesight’s damages. One may initially face the stage of dry, itchy, red, inflamed eyes and further leads to severe eye disorders. People, who work in certain places, must take the precautions, to save the eyesight’s.

• Persistent working and lack of sleep may enhance the risk of eye disorder. I have found people, who lack sleeping holds fatigue, dry, and painful eyes. One needs to take ample amount of sleep, to get rid of certain eye complications. The appearance of dark circle and puffiness are an additional eye difficulty.

• Certain eye diseases such as glaucoma, corneal ulcer, uveitis, etc. found responsible for puffy, itchy, and red eyes. In certain situation, one need to go for the soonest treatments; since, its ignorance may further damage the eye vision.

• Furthermore, smoking found an additional aspect to enhance the risk of eye disorder. It not only disrupts the function of the heart and lung, but it also affects the function of the eyes. You can notice an excessive smoker holds always a red and dry eye. It’s because smoking evaporated the fluids of the body and brings dehydrated body. I think avoiding certain harmful stuff would be helpful to promote optimum health.

• Prolonged swimming may turn the eyes into red color. People, who enjoy swimming regularly, may get the risk of eyesight damages; hence, it is advised to wear swimming glasses, to save the eyes, from getting damage.