Fennel is considered one of the best spices, which provide enormous benefits, to the health. It is mostly seen near the coastal area of the ocean or watercourse. Its cultivation takes place in all over the countries near water canal. It is added in the food while cooking; it is used in making herbal medicines; it is used in desserts and many other products. It is a good source to freshen the mouth; since it carries well fragrant. In India, the dried fennel is largely uses, while cooking spicy non-vegetarian dish. India, China, Mexico, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Canada, Afghanistan, etc. are some of the highest cultivating countries of fennel. Fennel contains good amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. It is rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 and vitamin C. It holds the properties of protein, dietary fiber, and folate. It carries essential properties of mineral, vitamins and proteins, which help to improve the health, and solve many health disorders. Some of the advantages of eating fennel are listed below.

  • Enhance the digestion system

Improvement in digestion is one of the outstanding benefits, of fennel; since it carries the amino acid (histidine). Consuming raw fennel daily after eating meal, improves the digestion system. It is helpful, to solve the problem of gastric, swelling and pain, of the stomach. It treats the problem of heartburn, intestine disorders, improper appetite, etc. Its consumption helps, to soak up the nutrients from the food, and facilitates to wash out the waste products, from the stomach.

  • Solves respiratory disorders

Drinking fennel water or fennel tea helps, to solve the respiratory disorders called asthma, colds, sore throat, etc. It is antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial; hence, it fights with the infections and protect the respiratory system, from getting damaged. It is a great source, to treat the problem, of asthma and cold.

  • Solves the diarrhea problem

Fennel holds some of the properties called cineole and anetol, which acts like an antibacterial and found a supportive, to solve the problem of diarrhea. Its consumption assists, to eradicate the infection from the intestine, and promote well digestive function. The amino acids of the fennel found very helpful, to solve the disorder of diarrhea. Using fennel, to boost the well digestive system, is found one of the best oldest homemade natural remedy.

  • Prevent from heart disorders

According, to the studies the food, which contains a high range of fiber are found helpful, to improve the heart function, and assist to prevent the heart from, many disorders. Fennel assists, to balance the healthy level of cholesterol in blood streams, by reducing bad cholesterol, which results reduction in heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, and many other heart disorders.

  • Solves the problem of constipation

The powder of fennel seeds works as a laxative, which found helpful to treat the problem, of constipation. It assists, to eliminate the waste from the intestines, and improve the peristaltic function, which indirectly results proper flow.

  • It stabilizes the level of blood pressure

Fennel holds a vital component called potassium, which is found helpful, to stabilize the level of blood pressure. Drinking, a cup of fennel water daily helps, to calm down the stress of blood vessels, which results reduction, in blood pressure. Blood pressure is found one of the major issues, of health disorders.

  • Treat the problem of Anemia

It has been examined that the presence of iron and amino acid in the fennel assist, to solve the problem of anemia. Iron improves the hemoglobin level, and histidine enhances the production of hemoglobin. It is found helpful, to reduce the problem of anemia.

  • Treat the problem of eye

The presence, of vitamin C and amino acids in fennel assist to protect the eyes, from swelling, itching, drying and many other related disorders, of the eyes. It is a best detoxifier; since it holds cobalt, magnesium, etc. People can apply the juice of fennel leaves on the eyes, to minimize the irritation, inflammation and tiredness, of the eyes.

  • It reduces the formation of cancer

To get prevented from breast and liver cancer eat fennel; since it holds the components of alkaloids, phenols and flavonoids, which minimizes the expansion of tumors. Some of the studies had examined that fennel reduces the harmful effect, of the radiation during the treatment, of cancer. People can add fennel in their daily diet, to protect the occurrences, of such health destruction.

  • Reduces menstrual pain and solves gastric problems

Chewing fennel during menstrual cycle helps, to reduce the pain, of the stomach. Further, it is a great source, to stabilize the bowel disorders. It minimizes the formation, of gastric problem and reduces the irritation, of intestine.

  • Good for women

Since fennel is rich in many essential properties that helps to increase the libido, which improves the production, and enhance the supply of milk, in lactating women. A pregnant woman should add this ingredient, in their daily diet.

  • Develops healthy immune system

The presence of enormous essential components in fennel helps, to boost the healthy immune system. Daily consumption of fennel juice gives 20% of vitamin C, which promotes healthy and glamorous skin. Besides this, an antioxidant properties of fennel, fight with the free radicals, to get prevented from the growth, of abnormal cells. Its consumption also enhances the growth, of the hair. It promotes healthy, strong, and shiny hair. It gives natural strength to the hair, and reduces the problem, of hair fall. It is a great source, to calm down the mood, and to sharp the mind.