Generic Levitra

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Generic Levitra is an exactly same Generic replacement of a brand name drug called Levitra. It is highly affordable, safe and a result-oriented approach to end impotency.

Generic Levitra Dose and Usage

Generic Levitra is available in the strength of 100mg and must be taken only after receiving proper advice from your healthcare provider.
Do not make any changes to the recommended dose of Generic Levitra; take a single of this drug when needed approximately an hour before indulging into the love making activities.
The drug requires 30-40 minutes to begin showing its effect and lasts in your body for almost 4-5 hours.
Intake this medicine along with a glass of water do not break, crush or chew it. Take it as wholly.
Older men can start taking this drug only under the strictly guidance of their healthcare providers. Do not take this drug if you are suffering from any other harmful health conditions.
Do not repeat the next dose of Generic Levitra before 24 hours.

Side-effects of 20mg Generic Levitra

Side effects are inevitable, thus can be avoided by following the proper prescription.
The good thing about Generic Levitra is that the side effects caused due to it are short-term and do not cause any serious side-effects on the health person taking it.
Some of the common side-effects caused due to Generic Levitra are; Headache, Vomiting and Nausea, Dizziness, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Drowsiness, Blurred vision, etc.
These side-effects are not very serious and harmful, but if the person experiences any of these side-effects for too long then he must instantly seek for a medical help.
Other serious side-effects of Generic Levitra that require an instant medical help are prolonged erection (penile erection last for more than 4 hours), breathlessness, rapid heartbeats, high/low blood pressure, heart attack, chest pain, stroke, etc.

Note: Always remember to get in touch with your doctor if you experience these side effects in your body for too long.

Precaution to use Generic Levitra Pills

Always take Generic Levitra after consulting with your healthcare provider.
Do not take this drug of you are allergic to Vardenafil, which is its key chemical composition.
Take this drug in the prescribe amount only do not increase or decrease the dose without consulting with your healthcare provider.
Never intake Generic Levitra in combination with any other nitrate based drug as it will reach with its chemical ingredient and cause adverse effects.
Avoid taking this medicine directly after a heavy or a fatty meal as it may lower the effect of this medication.
Do not take this medicine with alcohol or grape juice since it is noted to react with the drug and cause side effects.
Carefully dispose the drug after the expiry date.

Generic Levitra Storage Information

Store the unsealed packet of Generic Levitra in an airtight container, at a room temperature between 15˚C and 30˚C (59˚F and 86˚F). Do not store the drug in the kitchen, bathroom or in the refrigerator.