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Hair loss in men is becoming a common problem and Generic Propecia is a quick solution to this problem. This affordable and effective drug was first manufactured by Cipla. This drug not just helps men to stop the loss of hair, but it also aids them for its regrowth of new hair. Generic Propecia is an FDA approved drug for the problem of hair loss in men only. Generic Propecia belongs to a Type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor class. This drug is a prescribed medication for the treatment of hair loss in men only. Purchase generic Prepecia from trusted online pharmacy and enjoy its healthy hair forever.

Propecia Generic Dosage Tips

It is important to know the proper dosing method of any drug before you begin with the treatment. Dosing information is very important and must be strictly followed.
It is better to ask your physician about the right dosing method for you since it varies individual to individual.
Start taking this drug only when it is prescribed to you and take it as recommended.
Generic Propecia is an oral drug that is available in the form of pills/tablets. It should take along with a glass of water.
The dosing method varies from person to person depending upon the whether the man is suffering from mild or severe hair loss.
As beginners the recommended dose of Generic Propecia is 1mg each day.
If you wish to make any changes to the dosing method first seek for medical advice. Do not make any changes on your own.
It can be taken at any time of the day, whenever you take it at the same time daily.
It can be taken either with or without food.
Take this drug regular if often forgotten, then it may take longer for your treatment.
Do take overdose it may cause hazardous side-effects.
Follow this dosing method to experience faster results.

Side-effect of Generic Propecia

It is impossible to find a drug without any side-effect; it is something that takes place inevitably and inseparable.
Generic Propecia too has some side-effects that are rare and treatable. But not everyone who takes this drug faces these side-effects.
They commonly experience when the drug is taken for the first time. Thus, do not be worried about its side-effects.
Generic Propecia causes both serious and less serious side-effects.
Some of the less serious side-effects of Generic Propecia that are less harmful and do cause any serious adverse effects. These side-effects will disappear after sometime, no medical treatment is required.
The continuity of these side-effects of too long can be harmful and may require an immediate medical attention.
List of common experienced side-effects of generic Propecia consists of testicular, pain, impotence, headache, loss of interest in sex, weakness, abnormal ejaculation, swelling in breasts, slight dizziness, skin rash swelling of hands and feet, running nose, etc.
The other serious side-effects of generic Propecia are hives, breast changes, difficulty in breathing, breast lumps, swelling of face, lips, tongue and throat, etc. These symptoms can be very hazardous to your health. Whenever you start experiencing them immediately stop taking the drug and run for a medical help.

Propecia Generic Storage Tips

Like the dosing method every individual must know the proper storage method of this drug as well.
The proper storing method is important to keep the effectiveness of this drug intact.
Proper storing conditions are essential to experience better results of this drug.
The drug should be always stored in the normal room temperature that must be around 15˚C to 30˚C.
Generic Propecia should be always stored in an airtight container only. So the drug is not allowed to interact with the air.
Do not store the drug in and around moist, heat, and light since the drug losses it potentiality around them.
Always keep the drug in clean and dry place.
As the drug becomes out of use or crosses its expiry date then you must carefully dispose it and do not store it in your house any more.

What precautions are important to use Generic Propecia safely?

Precautionary steps are those essential guidelines that must be followed by the person for the right use of this drug.
Follow all necessary precautionary steps without fail.
Generic Propecia must be taken under utmost care and safety.
The most important precautionary steps is to take this drug under proper medical guideline and do not take it without prescription.
Take it exactly as it is prescribed to you.
It is only for men; women and children should not use it. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should also stay away from it.
Men who are allergic to Finasteride, its basic chemical component should stay away from the use of this drug.
If the drug is not effective or causing adverse effect, then give up the its usage and consult with your physician.
Follow these precautionary steps to resolve the issue of hair loss forever.