Smoking is one of the highest reasons of death, acknowledged around the world. Adult people are mostly seen addicted to smoking. Stress, depress, family issue, office issue, personal problem, etc. diverts the mind towards smoking, which gradually make the people addicted to smoking. This habit brings many harm effect to the health, which results early death in the people. A chain smoker may get lung cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer, chest cancer, heart attacks, obesity problem, kidney failure, skin disorders, etc. However, women are too found addicted to smoking, which is really harmful for their present and future life. It reduces the chances of pregnancy and enhances the risk of miscarriages. Further, smoking during pregnancy brings several defaults in the baby and give unhealthy delivery. It may damage the organs of the baby in very early stage of the life. Moreover, smoking cigarettes during breastfeeding is harmful for the baby and the mother both. It breaks down the physical ability of a person and makes look older before the age. Smokers get less medicine effect; since, smoking slows down its effects, which fails to give good results. After, reading a long reality about smoking; if, you feel to give up smoking, is appreciable. Once you quit the smoking you will gradually notice good changes in your behavior and health condition. Some of the benefits to discontinue smoking are listed below.

• Healthy skin

An excessive smoking breaks down the texture of the skin and makes it look older. People smoking cigarettes get early wrinkles on the skin and delayed curing of wounds. Smoking brings early skin ageing and many skin disorders. People who smoke daily may get yellow and orange color of skin. They can also get red rashes over the skin. Itching, dryness, roughness are some other skin disorders, which can be seen in smokers. In short, excessive smoking may lead to deactivation of skin pigment. It makes the skin dehydrate and create difficulty, to heal the wounds soon. Hence, once you will quit smoking you can get healthy and attractive skin. You will face less skin disorders. You can maintain your skin texture and could get wrinkles free skin.

• Stress Reduction

Quit smoking to get less stress, anxious, trauma, etc. since when you smoke your nerve system fluctuate faster and once you give up smoking, you may see a change in your nervous system. Smoking give up may keep your mind peaceful and tension free. Whereas, people smoke to reduce their stress, but in return they get, many mental disorders. However, once you quit smoking you can see your mind calm and relaxed. You can get good concentration level and active mind. You will get stabilize temper and tension free mind. The risk of strokes, brain attack, etc. gets reduce for some extent.

• Proper respiratory system

People who quit smoking get less chance of respiratory disorders. Giving up smoking as early as you can would be beneficial for your respiratory system; since, smoking damages the lung function, badly. Moreover, once you quit the smoking you may get less risk of oral cancers, lung disorders, mouth cancer, etc. The chances of heart attacks, high blood pressure, kidney failure, etc. may trim down for some extent. However, the respiratory system is the main route of oxygen inhalation, once the stuff of cigarettes gets stuck in the lungs, it makes difficult to pass the oxygen, which results unhealthy organs. An insufficiency of oxygen breaks down the organs, of the body. Hence, to get healthy respiratory systems avoid smoking.

• Healthy teeth

A person, who smokes gets pale, black, and rough teeth, which makes so embrace to laugh. However, people who give up smoking get less dental problem. The problems of cavities, paleness, yellow or black formation over the teeth gets reduced. Smokers are at a higher risk of oral cancer; hence, its avoidance would be helpful, to get prevented from oral cancer. Moreover, people who quit smoking may get healthy and strong teeth, and could also get relief from gum bleeding, jaw pain and dull teeth.

• Healthy sexual life

Some of the studies had examined that smokers fail to manage their happy sexual life; since, the tobacco contains in cigarettes brings down the sexual power, which creates difficulty in sexual performance. A woman should avoid smoking; since, they have to face pregnancy stage in the future. People, who smoke get less sex desires comparing with non smokers. Hence, quitting smoking may help improve the sexual ability of a person? A person can easily enjoy their sexual life.

• Healthy pregnancy

Smoking is extremely hazardous for female; since, it brings difficulty in pregnancy and delivery stage. Once you quit smoking you can get healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery, and a healthy baby. The risk of miscarriages, baby defects, unhealthy pregnancy, etc. may get reduced. Women who give up smoking can get charming and free minded baby.

• Mends cardiac disorders

A cardiac disorder is nothing, but a failure of the main organ in the human body called heart. Since smoking blocks the arteries of the heart, which makes difficult to flow the blood and oxygen towards the heart; that further leads to plaque formation and results heart attacks? Hence, people who quit smoking are less likely, to get heart problems.

• Strong immune system

A person who smokes carries unhealthy immune system, comparatively people who stop smoking could build up healthy immune system. They can get healthy and active functions of the organs, less health disorders, and charming life. People get proper flow of blood and fewer risks of cancers. One should avoid smoking; since, it mends many health disorders. In case, one may also get prevented, from early death.