Health Benefits of Various Kinds of Exercises

There are many different reasons why a person might want to start exercising. One of the most common reasons why many people stop exercising after a week or two is because they get bored of performing the same exercise day after day. However, there are many different kinds of exercises that come with their own set of benefits. Properly switching between these exercises will not only be more beneficial for your body, but it will also prevent you from getting bored of your exercise routine. Explained below are a few types of exercises along with the benefits that they offer.

Aerobic Exercise

Also known as cardiovascular exercise, aerobic workouts increase your heart rate and promote healthy heart, lungs, and muscles. Performing aerobic activities along with eating a healthy diet will help you to maintain a healthy weight, thereby reducing the risk of numerous health conditions associated with obesity. There are various cardiovascular exercises that you can perform either alone or with your friends. Performing aerobic exercises with moderate intensity just about three hours a week will benefit your heart and the respiratory system. If your motive behind exercising is to lose weight, then you should perform aerobic activities about five times a week. Some beneficial, enjoyable, and easy to perform aerobic exercises are listed below.

Walking: People of all age groups can go for a short walk anytime they want to. Walking is perfect for people who are just starting with an exercise routine. It will help to build strength and endurance for more strenuous exercises.

Cycling: Cycling is certainly one of the most enjoyable forms of exercises. It helps to strengthen bone and muscles, improve balance, and increase endurance.

Swimming: Swimming is considered to be among the best aerobic activities as it works on your entire body. Moreover, it does not exert too much stress on the joints.

Outdoor Games: Football, basketball, volleyball, etc. are some exciting aerobic activities that you will never get bored of.

Resistance Exercise

Adding resistance exercise to your routine can help to increase your strength and improve balance and posture. This form of exercises helps you build more muscles, which will in turn make you look toned. Muscles have the ability of burning more calories, even when you are resting.

Resistance exercise involves you to move your muscles against free weight equipments, your body weight, or any form of resistance. You should perform strength activities about twice or thrice a week and always make sure that you work out all your muscle groups.

Choosing the right amount of weight that allows you to perform 8-10 repetitions per set is very important. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a professional trainer so as to choose the perfect weight.

Flexibility Exercise

This kind of exercise involves stretching your muscles so as to prevent them from becoming shorter and less elastic. Flexibility exercise also helps to boost circulation, promote relaxation, and improve balance and posture. Besides simple stretches, you can also perform yoga and tai chi to improve flexibility.

Balance Exercise

Performing balance exercise will help you to prevent accidental falls. This form of exercise is particularly beneficial for older people, as they tend to lose the sense of balance. Strength exercises like tai chi, standing on a single foot, and heel-to-toe walk can all be very helpful in improving your balance.