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Are you troubled with ace and pimples, searching for solutions to get rid of skin problem or pimples naturally? We will start from the cause of this problem, let’s find out from the beginning.

What is Acne/Pimple?

Acne is a common skin condition during which inflamed red pimples appears on the face. It also can occur on other parts of the body like chest or hands other than face. It should not be contaminated by touching with hands or due to pollution or its size may increase. In most of the cases Acne/pimple evacuates and they do not leave scars. Acne/pimple appears when the sweat glands present on the skin of the face or other body parts expand attributable to hormonal changes within the body. The pimple/acne is sometimes lined with some black material thus additionally referred to as Black Head.

Causes of Acne/Pimple:

Take a look at few of the common causes of Acne:

Oily skin or secretion of high quantity of oil from the oil glands available in skin

During the puberty

Females menstrual cycle period

Undergoing stress can be causes for skin problem.

Pollutions like air, dust which covers the opening of pores.

It also can ensue to heredity.

It also can occur attributable to secretion changes throughout physiological condition.

Things to be avoided:

As soon as pimples appear on the face of some people they fight to get rid of it by extracting it or irritating it.

Touching the pimple is the first vital thing you must avoid

Due to it, it should even result in development of scars on the face, that I believe even you may additionally not love it.

If you have got pimples on your face or over your body attempt to avoid going in highly polluted areas as it may lead to more blockage of pores on your face.

And this might result in generation of a lot of skin problem on your face.

Make it a point to avoid oily Foods or diet as it is necessary to scale back the oil intake so as to cut back oil secretion

This all are a number of the facts which you want to attempt to avoid after you are facing such a situation.

#Tip 1: Apply juice:

This is often the foremost basic tip which consist few easy steps.

In this, you have to extract juice from apple and apply it on area affected with pimples.

To do this, you need to take a chunk of fabric.

If you do not have fabric, you can use cotton for that purpose, and it can serve very well and effectively.

Immerse it in juice so cotton or fabric can act as an absorbent.

Once the fabric piece or cotton has absorbed the juice apply it on the skin problem.

#Tip 2: Coriander and Turmeric:

Currently this tip includes a paste that semi-liquid and it is easy to apply on surface of skin.

Method is very easy, 1st crush the coriander leafs into powder.

Take a pinch of Turmeric powder and add to it.

Combine 2 powders in bit of water i.e.; no more than two or 3 drops.

Apply the paste on your pimples or on place where you have black heads.

Leave it till the paste becomes dry.

Rinse the paste off with slight warm water.

This may facilitate in removal of pimples from your face.

#Tip 3: Use curry leaves:

You must have always heard that curry leaves make food tasty but on other hand it is also employed for looking beautiful.

Currently keep this curry leaves in normal hot water for few hours.

When you wake up in morning, apply that water on your face or on the body part having pimples or skin problem or black heads.

This water also will assist you to get rid of wrinkles and scars from your face.

#Tip 4: Use Nutmeg nuts:

Nutmeg is generally a seed of tree round in shape with brown color.

Nutmeg is very well known for its ayurved qualities.

You can use nutmeg by making a paste of it.

Add some milk to it.

Apply this paste on your face i.e.; on the Pimples or skin problem.

Leave it for twenty minutes or long and then wash it with warm water.

If you follow this procedure for ten to twelve days, you will notice the pimples or skin problem are invisible from your face or the other body parts.

This use of nutmeg positively scales back the pimples on your body in few days.

#Tip 5: Solution for Dry Skin

This tip is good for people suffering with dry skin.

Take sandal wood stick and rub it on a rough surface

Add 2 to 3 drops of milk.

Apply the paste on the pimples or black head for one hour.

Rinse it off gently.

#Tip 6: Solution for Oily Skin:

Now for people trouble with oily Skin.

Sandal wood is used again for oily skin.

Rub it on rough surface and the paste which is obtain should be mixed with rose water.

Apply it on the pimples or black head and let it dry.

Keep it for one hour.

Rinse it off gently.

#Tip 7: Use fenugreek leaves:

You can use fenugreek leaves.

Fenugreek is also an eatable vegetable in Asia.

Build a paste of fenugreek leaves by grinding it.

Apply it on your face wherever pimples occur or skin problem is visible.

Keep it long so it can get deep into the pores and clean it.

Rinse it off gently within the morning.