Aging is certain but with accurate skin care regimen you can retard the signs of aging and keep your skin looking goodish and stunning. Emergence of fine lines and wrinkles is primary signs of aging. Increased pores, dark spots and lack of skin elasticity are some of the aging related signs. Loss of skin elasticity is one of the main causes that a person seems aged than his/her age. Once the skin loses elasticity, the skin inclines to droop and this is obvious on jaw line and below the eyes. The excellent way to obviate this by keeping skin hydrated and by doing daily facial exercises. Restricting sun exposure and wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen plays a crucial role in preventing skin from drooping.

The chances are high that you can notice loose skin because of rapid weight loss, pregnancy, dehydration, lack of nutrients in diet, smoking, over exposure to sun and aging.


  • Apply a paste of sandalwood powder mixed with pure natural rose water on your face. Once it gets dry rinse off mask using cold water. This mask will aid to tighten the pores of the skin and also strengthen your face.
  • Mask prepared from egg white is said to be instant skin tightening home remedy. Firstly break an egg and keep the egg white separate into a bowl. Later mix few drops of lemon juice and whip the egg white until it is beam and bubbly. With help of brush apply this mixture on your skin and then allow it to dry wholly. Rinse off using lukewarm water and you will instantly notice that your skin appears firm and glowing. Even augmented pores also looks stiff temporarily due to this method.
  • Take 2 tbsp of milk and mix few drops vitamin E oil and natural honey. Apply this mixture on your skin and after 10 minutes rinse off. This will not just stiffen your skin but also aid to overcome tanning.
  • Grind a medium –sized cucumber to make a fine juice and then mix 2 tbsp of rosehip oil into that juice. Finally apply this concoction using a cotton ball. Leave it about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off by cold water.
  • Simply apply mash ripe banana everywhere your face and neck region. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off by cold water. Mashed banana is considered to be excellent anti wrinkle treatment and one of the potent ways to stiffen skin at home itself.
  • Rubbing down face with fresh aloe vera juice also aid to taut the skin and offer hydration.
  • Another effective home remedy for skin tightening is to prepare a combination of sugarcane juice mix with a tablespoon of fresh turmeric juice. Apply this concoction on a daily basis to observe the superior outcomes.
  • Rub the facial skin with slice of a tomato in gentle circular motion. Rinse off your face by cold water. With daily use you will notice that you skin appears brighter and the pores are also highly cuts down.
  • Add pulp of 5-6 mash grapes in freshly crushed orange juice. Apply this mixture on your skin and allow it to leave for 20 minutes and wash by cold water.
  • Mix 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil into the pulp of an avocado. Store the mixture in refrigerator for 30 minutes and then apply it on your face. After 20 minutes wash the mask by cold water. The avocado plays a significant role in stiffening skin as well as hydrates and moisturizes skin leaving it supple.
  • Prepare a skin tightening face pack my adding two tbsp of thick yogurt in juice of freshly crushed lime. Apply this mask on your face and let it dry wholly before washing by cold water.
  • Another effective face mask can be prepared by crushing pieces of overripe papaya together with a few blueberries. Papaya plays a significant role in exfoliating the skin and blueberries are packed with antioxidants that aid in combating against free radicals that harm the skin.
  • A great way to tighten loose skin is to nurture it with a collagen cream that is particularly meant to defeat drooping skin. They are costly but value the cost when they work.
  • Castor oil is potent organic way to tauten loose skin. Rubbing skin with a mixture of lemon juice, lavender oil and castor oil works amazingly. Apply this every night before bedtime and you will notice that your skin start to stiffen.
  • Almond oil is an immense moisturizer that assists to fight against loose skin and stretch marks on your skin. You can make use of this oil for other areas as well, including your face.
  • Avert use of shampoos holding sulfates and body washes because sulfate present in it is responsible for making dry skin and irritating your skin. Plus, sulfate containing products makes skin less elastic and removes imperative moisture. Hence, it is wise to utilize sulfate free products if desire to stiffen loose skin after weight loss.

Before you prefer any skin tightening products or choose laser skin tightening, it would be better to follow some of the natural ways to tauten skin. Along with these treatments, you should also drink enough amount of water to stay your body and skin hydrated and limits consumption coffee and tea. Obviate too much sun exposure, intake of fast food, and losing weight rapidly. If you are going through from stress, keep yourself engaged in meditation and yoga. Incorporate a healthy diet and follow a proper exercise and beauty regimen. In this way beat skin sagging issue successfully and enjoy wrinkle free, soft and supple skin.