Cholesterol is nothing, but a fat of the body present in the form of HDL and LDL. Cholesterol generates though liver, which is an essential element to facilitate the function of the body. The presence of cholesterol is seen with every outer layer cells of the body. Its existence has to be in moderate not over and not under. Excessive cholesterol may lead to many health disorders. HDL (high density lipoprotein) is termed as “good cholesterol”, which is good for bodies function; whereas, LDL (low density lipoprotein) is termed as “bad cholesterol”. Cholesterol get generates by the body and can also be obtained from the food we consume. Cholesterol appears in oil form, which doesn’t get dissolved in the blood. It gets supply throughout the body in the form of lipoprotein. However, the bad cholesterol gets accumulated in the form of fats around the body, which results heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. Excessive LDL blocks the arteries of the wall and enhances the risk of heart attacks; whereas, HDL promotes cholesterol towards the liver, to eliminate it out from the body. An excessive LDL level reduces the blood circulation results atherosclerosis. The cholesterol holds four key functions, which is essential for body function.

Shape the construction of cell walls
Facilitates the digestive system through stabilization of stomach acid.
Assist the body to generate vitamin D
Promote the body to produce hormones

These are the functions, which is performed by the cholesterol. However, an excessive intake of fatty foods increases the risk of bad cholesterol; whereas, fruits and vegetables are responsible to generate good cholesterol. Here are some of the lists of fatty foods, which help you to decide your intake level.

1) Beef
Beef is found rich in cholesterol and protein; it is mostly consumed by Muslim people, which results several health disorders. A daily and excessive intake of beef may enhance the risk of bad cholesterol formation results overweight and heart disorders. Beef or red meat consumption enhances the blood cholesterol level, forms fats over the arteries and cause heart attacks. People, consuming beef are more likely to face obesity problem, high blood pressure, and heart disorders.

2) Pork
Pork is rich in protein, iron, zinc and fats, which are found good for health, but its excessive intake, may increase the level of blood cholesterol and results heart attacks problem. Moreover, one needs to cook it properly; since, it holds various bacteria, which may damage the liver function. Pork is more responsible to spread germs in the body; hence, one needs to be cautious about its intake.

3) Pasta
Pasta is another fatty food, which enhances the risk of obesity due to its excessive intake. Pasta comes in the category of fast food, which is preferred by the people mostly in today’s world; hence, people are more likely to get over weight problem results heart disorders and destabilized blood pressure. Teenagers are at more risk; since, they follow fast food mostly.

4) Burger
The Burger has become one of the favorite stuff amongst all; since, it holds great taste, but it’s over intake harm the body badly. People, are obvious to get obesity problem, inactiveness, blood pressure issue, heart disorders, etc. Burger includes extreme fat ingredients, which results increment in bad cholesterol level.

5) Pizza
Pizza is one of the most consuming stuff in today’s world? People; know that consuming too much pizza is harmful for the health; since, pizza holds excessive cheese, which are the leading ingredients, to enhance the risk of obesity problem. Teenagers are seen extreme fonder of consuming pizza; hence, they are more likely to face an overweight problem. Pizza is one of the stuff, which increases the level of bad cholesterol and results various health problems. The cheese gets accumulated in the body and forms fat.

6) Butter sandwiches
A butter sandwich comes in the category of junk foods; today it has become favorite stuff for the youngsters. Sandwiches contain cheese and butter, which again stood bad for the health; since, it forms bad cholesterol in the body results obesity problem, unhealthy cardiovascular function and inadequate blood pressure level. People, who are habitual of consuming certain junk stuff, should reduce or avoid consuming such stuff; since, it brings many health difficulties, before the age.

7) Excessive potato
Sometimes having potato is good for health; since, it holds carbohydrates, but its excessive intake leads to overweight problem. Some of the stuff called sandwiches, burger, etc. contains potatoes, whose over or daily intake results unhealthy body.

8) Clarified butter (Ghee)
Clarified butter is largely used in Indian food, but it holds high amount of saturated fats, which is harmful for the health. It contains palmitic acid, which is responsible to block the artery walls. People, consuming ghee are more likely to get obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disorders. One must avoid consuming excessive ghee to prevent from such health disorders and to maintain optimum health.

9) Rice
Rice intake is common in an Indian dish, but it’s over intake may lead to overweight problem. Most of the people are addicted consuming rice; however, its limited intake is preferable, but it’s over intake may lead to fats formation. People, must avoid consuming excessive rice to maintain perfect health.

10) Sugar
Consuming excessive sugar contained stuff may lead to overweight and several other health disorders. It has been noticed that people who are fond of consuming sweets are at more risk of overweight problem.

11) Egg
Consuming excessive egg would be the additional factor of cholesterol increment; since, it holds a good amount of protein and fats. One can easily enhance their weight through egg intake.

12) Chicken
Consuming chicken is another additional factor of cholesterol increment. Its daily intake is harmful for the health; since, enhances the risk of over weight problem. Most of the people are keen to eat chicken however; it’s a suggestion to consume the chicken in limit to maintain optimum health.