Healthy and pink lips are a dream of every girl’s and it adds extra charm to a person’s face. A lovely smile is one of the ways through that you can enhance your beauty, but it can be possible only when your lips are pink. There are many people who have dark and pale lips which does not looks attractive at all. It makes a dark spot in your beauty. Lips give a distinctive charm to the overall feature of your face. Hence, you need to give more attention towards proper care of them. Dark lips can occur due several reasons such as ignorance towards health, exposure to direct rays of the sun, hectic lifestyle, some kind of illness, stress, low blood circulation, chewing tobacco, excessive use of fluoride, habit of excessive smoking, regular use of low quality of cosmetics, consumption of alcohol, failing to remove lipsticks, humid temperature, drinking excess of tea and coffee, chemotherapy and so on.

Dull and dark lips can turned to pink and soft lips by following a proper lip care regime regularly. There are various natural remedies that will definitely help to lighten darker lips. They give long lasting benefits, and are not much expensive, easily widely available, and do not provide any side effects. Thus, it is necessary to provide more focus to lighten darker lips as they enhance a beauty of a person’s face. By following a list of natural remedies which is mentioned below, you can achieve a dream of pink, luscious and attractive lips.


Pomegranate seeds:-

Using of pomegranate seeds is one of the effective ways to lighten dark and dull lips and to make beautiful pink lips. Take seeds of pomegranate then crush up seeds and mixed it with some milk cream. Apply this mixture regularly on your lips to get redder and fuller lips instantly.

Lemmon Juice:-

It is another effective home remedy to treat dark and dull lips. It acts as natural cleanser as it cleans the dirt on lips. Vitamin C present in lemon helps in lightening the lips and makes it rosy. Apply lemon juice to your lips and massage them gently, follow this remedy every night before going to bed.

Orange: –

Orange juice and peels contains rich source of vitamin C, thus beneficial in lightening dark lips. Use orange peels to cleanse the skin of your lips.


Apply a mixture beetroot along with carrot paste on your lips to lighten the lips. Another way is that; try to pat the lips in carrot or beetroot juice for a few minutes. This will helps to get pink lips or for better result add a pinch of saffron in it. It assists in keeping your dry lips well moisturized.


It contains skin lightening properties and lots of water that help to make the lips moist and pink. Apply a bit of cucumber juice or take cucumber slice and keep it on lips. If you follow this remedy daily for 15 minutes, you can simply achieve pink and rosy lips.

Rose petals:-

Rose petals are considered one of the best remedy for pink lips. Take some rose petals and soak it in milk for some time. Then make a paste of petals and add some honey and glycerin in it. Dap that paste on your lips and wait for fifteen minutes. Finally rub off your lips gently with milk and follow this remedy daily and see amazing results.

Berries mixture:-

Raspberries and strawberries are quite beneficial in solving the problems related to dark lips. Make a paste of raspberries and mixed it with some aloe Vera juice and pure honey, then apply this paste on your lips and keep for five minutes. Before rinse of replace with lip balm that is homemade. This is considered quite effective and beneficial remedy because raspberries contain an excellent source of vitamin and mineral that assists in keeping your lips healthy and therefore vibrant.

Aloe vera:-

It includes rich source of antioxidant. Take some gel of aloe vera and massage with it to lips, then keep for fifteen minutes and finally wash it off using warm water. This remedy treats dry lips, removes dirt and makes it pink.

Olive oil:-

Olive oil contains high amount of vitamin E and moisture that makes lips glowing and soft. Simply apply olive oil mixed with honey and lemon juice on your lips before sleeping everyday for period of one month. After that soon you will notice your lips are turning pink.

Milk cream:-

It is loaded with essential nutrients and moisture that make it one of the best remedy for lightening the complexion of lips. Take some milk cream and mix rose petals in it. Then keep that mixture in refrigerator for twenty minutes. Finally remove it from refrigerator and gently massage it to lips. Then leave it for 15 minutes and after that washes it. You will notice yor lips pink in few days only due to application of this mixture. Another way is that, mix milk cream with a bit of saffron and applies it on your lips every night. This is an age old remedy that helps in treating dark lips.

Turmeric powder:-

Mix raw turmeric powder and milk cream and apply regularly on your lips to achieve instant results such as pink and beautiful rosy lips.

Honey, almond oil and sugar:-

Mix sugar, little bit of olive or almond oil and honey and apply it daily on your lips, Massage it and keep for 10 minutes.

Other tips:-

  • Increase intake of water and fresh fruit juice it is help you to keep and hydrated and to achieve healthy, soft and pink lips.
  • Before going out in the sun always apply sunscreen that has lip gloss on top as it will prevent your lips from darkening.
  • Massage your lips with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice or with ice-cubes daily. So that you will notice that your darkness of lips is getting reduced.
  • Always remove the lip make up that you applied during the day before going to bed with the help of soft cotton ball, almond oil or olive oil.
  • Take 3 tbsp of sugar along with 2 tbsp of butter and make a paste of it. Apply it on your lips. This remedy helps to get rid of unwanted dead skin.
  • Quit the habit of smoking because smoking is the major culprit behind dark and dull lips.