Our complete body supporters are bones. The human skeleton or bones are held up by ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage. Including the 6 bones of the ears an adult human body admits 212 bones and infant contain 270 bones. Tissues that are found in the bones are endosteum, periosteum and marrow. Bone tissues are termed as connected tissue. Peak bone mass is termed as one of the highest range of bone size. The whole postures of the body are managed by the bones. So to develop healthy bones and to avoid osteoporosis problem people need to concentrate on the habit of eating. Consume vitamin D, vitamin K, Magnesium and high consumption of Calcium, etc. for healthy bones. The vitamins, calcium, which we get from the food develops our bone faster and make it healthy. Consumption of Calcium and vitamin D plays a very significant role to maintain healthy bones. The body builds up a new bone rapidly still the age of 30, but after that bone tend to become unhealthy and weak. As the age increases the strengths of the bones decreases since you indulge yourself in various activities. When the body fails to develop a new bone as soon as the old bone is vanished, then there may be a chance of osteoporosis to take place in the bones. This syndrome is mostly found in women and men in the age of 60 to 70. The osteoporosis makes the bone weaker that could easily get fractured or broken. In short, lack of bone strength may result to osteoporosis. There are different natural ways to maintain healthy bones and muscles.

  • Enhance the habit of eating calcium rich foods

Calcium can be obtained from the healthy food that we eat. Calcium is required to build healthy bones, joints, muscles, heart, blood and nerves to function smoothly. Fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. are rich in vitamin D. The age groups of 14 to 20 years are advised to consume calcium around 1300 mg/day and from 20 to 60 years are advised to consume calcium 1000 mg/day. Calcium assists to develop the tissue of the bones and muscles. To maintain healthy bones and to develop the growth of the bones in every stage of the life it is mandatory to consume adequate amount of calcium. Intake of calcium develops healthy bones, healthy muscles and healthy teeth.

  • Enhance the habit of consuming vitamin D.

As we know that vitamin D can be obtained from the early morning sun rays. It boosts the strength of the bones and makes it stronger. Fish, eggs, mushrooms, milk, orange juice, beef liver, etc. are some of the examples of food that is rich in vitamin D. The daily early morning exercise assists to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Enhance the habit of consuming vitamin K

The study has reported that vitamin K enhances the density of minerals in the bones and makes the bones healthy. As like vitamin D vitamin K is also responsible to maintain the flexibility and development of the bones and joints. Vitamin K builds bone metabolism and make the blood thinner that develops the flow of blood in all the parts of the organs. Vitamin K assists in healthy blood curdling. Leafy green vegetables’, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, spring onion, etc. are some of the examples of vegetables that are rich in vitamin K.

  • Enhance the habit of consuming vitamin C

As like vitamin K and D, vitamin C too makes the bones stronger and aid to get protected from fractures. It also assists to maintain healthy immune system and develop healthy bones. Vitamin C is found in vegetables and fruits.

  • Enhance the habit of consuming beef liver

Beef liver results excellent in developing the bones and joints of the skeleton. Beef liver improves the cartilage of the bones. To maintain the bones stronger protein results well since beef is rich in protein. It also promotes healthy joints and healthy muscles. The doctor advised the weak bone patient to consume the soup of goat/lamb legs and beef legs. This develops the cartilage of the bones.

  • Enhance the habit of consuming magnesium

Magnesium not only improves the metabolism system, but it also promotes healthy bones. In most of the osteoporosis cases it has been noticed that the women who lack in calcium, but rich in magnesium and vitamin D may assist to recover from bone ailments easily. Magnesium also guides to maintain healthy muscles, healthy immune system and a healthy heart. Bananas, whole grains, fish, leafy vegetables, etc. are the foodstuffs that are rich in magnesium.

  • Enhance the habit of Exercise

Maintaining a regular exercise does assist to develop healthy and flexible bones. It makes the flow of blood easier to cover whole parts of the organs and the joints. Exercise reduces the risk of many ailments that a person faces in certain stage of life. An early morning exercise is good for the bones as it admits vitamin D. it also promotes healthy heart beat and normal nervous system. Exercise in one of the best ways to avoid bone difficulty.

  • turn down the habit of smoking

Smoking would be examined as one of the pathetic drugs that burn the complete organs of the body. Smoking does make the bones and joints weaker and make it unhealthy to perform any of the activities. It also causes many of the Cancers that take the life of the person. So to maintain healthy bones and healthy immune system avoids the habit of smoking.

  • uphold the balanced weight

Most of the time it has been seen that overweight problem brings twist in the joints of the legs and make the body inflexible to perform any of the activities. So try to maintain perfect weight.

  • Minimize the level of consuming coffee

The study examined that 2 cups of coffee everyday soak up the level of calcium from the body and make the bones weaker day by day. So don’t be so much fond of coffee.

  • uphold proper posture of sitting

Your posture of sitting does matter to maintain the perfect bones. Sit properly don’t give so much stress on the bones. Avoid the posture of getting bend.