Generic Viagra- Manages ED Lucidly

Generic Viagra manages erectile dysfunction in men to a perfect degree. It is the first treatment that could live up to men’s expectations and gave them best sexual life which they never thought of again. Erectile dysfunction is a symptom that paralyzes men sexual organ, due to which they lose all sexual powers. Men sexual power lies in their reproductive organ. Until it responds to stimulation, sexual desire is of no use. To control this tough situation generic Viagra is used. Impotency is another term to refer to ED and men suffering from it are called impotence.


Maintaining erections is impossible for impotent men. Those who are in severe stage cannot achieve erection even in a bit. It is a regular situation in ED sufferer’s life. Though, severity of impotence differs from person to person, but end result is same i.e. no sexual intercourse. It is no less than a horrendous happening for men. Men do not have power to bear this.


Medical intervention for overcoming impotence is a necessity. Do not think the problem would solve on own. Erectile dysfunction is not life threatening, but leads to a severe depressed stage. Men just lose concentration on all areas. Their life becomes dull. Many couples break their relationship itself. Consequences of ED are so severe that are hard to think of. Generic Viagra is the only reliable solution for impotent men in such a time.


How erection take place is the first question that comes to mind? The answer to this is, when sexual arousal takes place within men, brain send signals. Reproductive organ of men also send signals at the same time. Signals sent from both the sides result in a secretion of a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide in turn relaxes penile blood muscles. Usually the blood muscles remain narrowed. To unlax them is important for smooth passage of the blood to the penis. Relaxed muscles allow blood to flow in large amount to the penis resulting in erection process. This is what erection is all about.


Now, when men are suffering from ED, it means a certain enzyme is formed in their body that creates all turmoil in their sexual life. It is PDE5 enzyme. PDE5 enzyme ceases the effect of nitric oxide when men get sexually stimulated and their body release this chemical. Turning of nitric oxide ineffective means no blood will pass to the penis as the blood muscles remain constricted. Generic Viagra is taken to make negligible the effect of PDE5 enzyme. The drug inhibits it. Suppression of PDE5 results in strengthening the effect of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide loosen up the blood muscles, as a result blood gushes through them and provides erection to men. Erections can be asserted for a longer time till sexual activity completed fruitfully.


Generic Viagra does not give artificial erections. It works in a natural manner in men’s body and save their sexual life from impairment. Using this medication for ED treatment is best thing to be done. Enjoy the treatment and remain tension free!