The dead skin of the scalp forms dandruff, which further turn into white flaky parts that get involved in the hair. Dandruff may occur by various ways, including excessive use of hair products, eczema, by excessive development of yeast, psoriasis, seborrhea dermatitis, stress, hormone alteration, excessive oil on the scalp, or disorders of the immune system. However, people may undergo for medication or natural treatments, to get rid of dandruff. It is a harmless skin issue, which may eliminate through treatment. However, dandruff problem is commonly seen in the people. Itchy, scratchy, and red scalps are the signs of dandruff formations. In severe cases, the cell of the skin dies which results yellow and red skin. However, an excessive dandruff in the hair may get dropped on the shoulders, which make feel very embarrassed. An excessive dandruff may lead to ear, face, and eye disorders. However, there are some of the lists of natural remedies, which can be practiced from the home, to treat dandruff.

1.  Wash your hair regularly

Maintain the habit of washing the hair regularly, and apply anti-dandruff shampoo, alternatively. Avoid using excessive chemical contain shampoo this may lead, to hair fall problem.  Comb your hair after taking a bath, and avoid taking tension or stress to prevent from dandruff formation.

2.  Apply yogurt

Wash your hair properly and apply the mixture of yogurt over the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Further, make a tea containing a mixture of sage or nettle with two tablespoons of vinegar, let it calm down and use to wash the hair. This will help clean the yogurt from the scalp, easily.

3.  Apply apple cider vinegar

A mixture of apple cider vinegar works great, to cure dandruff issue. Wash your hair properly and pour the mixture of vinegar over the scalp. Wash the hair after 20 minutes. If, you are a heavy dandruff holder then follow this remedy for at least one week, to see the effect.  Note: (Avoid getting the mixture into the eyes).

4.  Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil holds antiseptic effect and carries great fragrance. It is found supportive to treat dandruff, naturally. You just have to apply the tea tree oil over the scalp, and massage gently. Further, wash it off after some time. This procedure may help, to get silky and dandruff free hair.

5.  Apply banana with vinegar

Apply the mixture of banana with vinegar. I know it sounds strange, but works great to treat dandruff issue. Mix one banana with 1 ½ cup of vinegar and apply it over the scalp properly. Further, wash it off after one hour. Follow this procedure for at least 10 days, to get some reduction in dandruff formation.

6.  Use baking soda

Baking soda is enormously used for many things, but it does work great to eliminate dandruff, from the hair. Say no, to shampoo for two weeks, instead apply baking soda over the scalp and see the effect. You can feel fresh, moisture, and dandruff free hair.

7.  Use fenugreek mixture

As we know that fenugreek holds immense benefits, for the health. It works great to treat hair, dandruff, skin, and many other health disorders. One can apply the mixture of fenugreek seed over the scalp, to get rid of dandruff problem. Mixed the crushed fenugreek seed in the water and leave it whole the night. Further, apply this mixture over the scalp while taking a bath. This mixture assists to trim down the presence of dandruff, from the hair.

8.  Apply neem leaves water

If, you wanted to purge the dandruff from the hair, then apply the mixture of neem leaves over the hair. Boil the water by adding some neem leaves and leave it over the night. Next day filter the water and wash your hair through it. This will probably reduce the dandruff, from the hair. Further, one may also use the paste of neem leaves, over the scalp. This too found helpful to eliminate dandruff, from the scalp.

9.  Apply lemon juice

Since lemon juice holds citric acid, which not only washes the contaminated stuff from the intestine, but also helps eliminate dandruff, from the hair. Squeeze two lemons in the water, and apply it over the scalp. Further, wash it away after, sometime with the normal water. Follow this procedure until you get reduction in the dandruff.

10. Apply the mixture of olive oil

Olive oil acts superbly, to treat hair disorders. Apply some olive oil over the scalp before, taking a bath. Give a massage for sometime and rinse it off by the water. You can also apply the oil before going to sleep. Cover your head from something and leave it over the night; further, rinse it off in the morning. You will surely see some reduction in the dandruff. Follow this procedure every alternative day, to get rid of dandruff, naturally.

11. Apply baby oil

One can also apply baby oil over the scalp, to get purge of dandruff from the hair. Apply this at night and cover your head with the cotton cloth, and leave it the whole night. Further, rinse it off in the morning. You can get some reduction in dandruff by following this procedure for some days.

12. Apply the mixture of aspirin

I know it is quite unbelievable therapy, but works superb to clean the dandruff. Crush some aspirin and mix it in the water or better in the shampoo you apply. Leave it for 3 minutes and then wash it properly. The effect of aspirin will help eliminate the dandruff, from the scalp. Apply this procedure at every alternative day, and use only one aspirin, not more than that. In addition, people can also use aloe Vera over the scalp, to reduce dandruff.

These are the list of some natural homemade remedies, to get rid of dandruff problem. One can use it before going under medication procedure.