Mouth ulcer is nothing, but an apthous ulcers or sore mouth, which takes place due to chewing tobaccos, smoking, consuming hot food, etc. it occurs inside the layer of the lips and around the gums, of the teeth.  One may examine the mouth ulcer by getting pain while brushing, drinking, and eating. Some time it gets cured without any treatments, and sometimes it goes very severe, to treat. Mouth ulcer is not a spreadable disease; it may occur due, to the eating habits of the person. Mouth ulcer can be seen in three ways Minor, major, and severe.

Minor ulcer last for 10-12 days and get cured easily. Major ulcer takes longer times to get healed; since it is very deep and big. It may take 2 months, to get cured and may leave a mark after getting healed. Further, severe ulcer is quite dangerous that it captures the area gradually, and becomes very deep, which takes a very long time to treat. A person suffering from mouth ulcer faces difficulty in eating, chewing, drinking, etc. Today, sore mouth has become a common problem mostly found in men; since they are seen addicted, to smoking, chewing tobaccos, etc. However, there are many natural therapies, to treat and to cure the mouth ulcer problem. Some of the natural remedies are listed below in detail.

  • Use tulsi leaves

A Tulsi leaf is a great herb, to cure many of the diseases. It is an aromatic plant, which are used to treat mouth ulcer, stomach pain, toothache, etc. it works as a best natural medicine because of its adaptogen contains. Chew some leaves of tulsi thrice a day, to reduce the pain, and to cure the mouth ulcer naturally. This process will surely help, to heal the sore mouth.

  • Use honey

Honey is another natural source, to get cured from many problems as like, sore throat, cold cough, flu, sore mouth, etc. applying honey near the area of a sore mouth or daily intake of honey may help, to cure the mouth ulcer. Further, honey holds the moisture and hydrates the body. Its anti-microbial effects assist, to heal the sore mouth naturally. People can also apply the mixture of honey and turmeric powder.

  • Use coconut oil

Raw Coconut, dry coconut, and coconut oil carry immense benefits for the health; since they hold natural curing effects and hold many essential properties. Coconut oil is good for hair, but also found a supportive, to treat the problem of mouth ulcer. One can apply coconut oil over the affected area of the skin daily, to cure sore mouth. Coconut has a great healing effect; hence, to get rid of a sore mouth naturally people can use coconut oil.

  • Use poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are known as khas khas in Indian language. It carries a great cooling effect, to treat mouth ulcer and many other problems. One can make the mixture of dried coconut, crushed sugar and poppy seeds. Further, mix the paste well and apply, it over the sore mouth area. One can also make the mixture of poppy seed with raisins, cardamom, and cashew nuts to apply. Poppy seed is a great source, to treat and to get rid of mouth ulcer, naturally.

  • Use coriander seeds

Coriander seeds and coriander leaves both are found effective, to treat many of the infectious diseases. One can use coriander seeds, to treat the problem of mouth ulcer. Add some coriander seeds in the water and keep for boiling. Make a tea of those mixtures and keep, to get moderate cooling. Further, intake gradually and swoosh the water near an ulcerated area, of the mouth. Further, spit the water after the process. Follow this remedy three times in a day, to get rid of the sore mouth problem.

  • Use the mixture of cold and hot water

People can also use the mixture of cold and hot water, to treat mouth ulcer problem. Do the gurgling of this mix’s water and spit it out. Follow this process thrice in a day, to reduce some of the effect, of a sore mouth. It works on the minor stage of mouth ulcer.

  • Use fenugreek

Boil some fenugreek with the water and keep for cooling. Further, Filter the water and use it for gurgling. Follow this process thrice a day, to heal mouth ulcer problem. Fenugreek contains a cooling effect and many other anti-fungal, anti-bacterial effects that help, to treat and to cure many diseases.

  • Use turmeric powder

It has been proven that Turmeric holds natural healing and curing ability of many health disorders. Applying turmeric powder, with one teaspoon of glycerin mixture, over the sore area of the mouth, may find helpful to heal the mouth ulcer, naturally.

  • Use tomatoes

A tomato is rich in many of the significant components that provide immense benefits, to the health. One can consume tomato or tomato juice daily, to get rid of mouth ulcer issues. Tomato is a good source, to treat mouth ulcer problems.

  • Use aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a huge effective natural remedy, to cure many of the infectious and bacterial diseases. Aloe Vera is found helpful, to treat the mouth ulcer issue.  Apply the gel of aloe Vera daily thrice in a day, to get rid of sore mouth soon. Moreover, Aloe Vera is good for skin and hair. One can apply its gel over the skin and the scalp of the hair, to get healthy skin and healthy hair.