Asthma is a long term disease which affects the respiratory system. It is derived from the old Greek word ‘aazein’, or ‘sharp breath’. Asthma usually takes place due to allergic reactions. It is basically a chronic lung disorder and characterized by inflammation of airways. This condition disturbs normal breathing pattern. Those people suffering from asthma basically have hypersensitive airways. So, any kind of nuisance in the respiratory system may activate the defense mechanism and may block these airways. This in turn, may result in shortness of breath.


Difficulty in breathing, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness or chest pain and loss of consciousness are some of the common symptoms that are associated with the disease of asthma. If this disease left untreated or if not treated in time severe attacks may even contribute to death.


Research has found that the disease of asthma can be develop due to many factors such as childhood development, genetics, improper development of the immune system and the lungs, other environmental factors and various types of infections as well.

1)   Indoor allergens such as house dust mites in bedding, stuffed furniture, carpets and so on.

2)   Outdoor allergens for instance, pollens and moulds

3)   Dust or chemical irritants in the workplace

4)   Air pollution, tobacco  smoke

5)   Aspirin medicine and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other non selective beta-blockers

6)   Use of sulfates in foods and drinks

Apart from the above mentioned major causes there are some causes such as extreme emotional arousal, physical exercise, runny nose, sinus infection, reflux disease; psychological stress can also be a cause of asthma at some extent.


a)  Avoid doing exercise out in the dry and cold air. Always make sure that the weather is humid and warm before exercising vigorously outdoors.

b)  Home should be properly ventilated and aired out. Avoid smoking in the bedroom of asthma sufferer. Allow the asthma sufferer to eat in kitchen to reduce the risk of asthma attacks

c)  Scented products such as air fresheners, perfumes enhance the degree of indoor air impurities which in turn result in attack. Hence make sure that your home is always occupied with fresh and clean air. If possible then try to avoid the use of scented products in your home.

d)  Cleaning products are often occupied with lots of chemicals. Hence breathing those chemicals may badly affect your lungs. So, always utilize of natural products that are safe to use while cleaning.

e)  People suffering from asthma should stay away from pets or animals.

f)   Always keep an inhaler with you wherever you go.

g) It is necessary for you and your family member to get a yearly flu vaccination. In addition, wash your hands consistently. These two are basic standard precautions which must be followed in order to prevent asthma attack

h)  Make use of dehumidifier in your home as it decreases the dust mites and keeps less humidity in your home.

i)  Strictly avoid smoking around the family member those suffering from asthma. Because even the smell of heavy smoker’s clothing can result in asthma attack.

j)  By keeping clean environment and low humidity level you can simply reduce the possibilities of asthma attacks which caused due to seasonal factors.

k)  Increase the intake of vitamin C and vitamin E in your daily diet. These vitamins are extremely beneficial to control asthma symptoms and also improve the function of your lungs. You can enhance the consumption of these vitamins through fresh juice, fruits, and vegetables or in pill form as well. These vitamins help to boost your immune system and also prevent asthma attacks as well.


Home remedies mentioned below are generally aim at providing relief from asthma attacks. Herbs, readily available food items and other precautionary measures help to tackle the problems associated with asthma. Besides that, these natural remedies are not expensive and give long lasting benefits. Hence, home remedies given below will definitely help you to get rid of complications related with respiratory ailment.

1)  Simply drink a cup of strong black coffee as it will help you to keep the situation under control until the patient is provided with medical help. In fact, it is considered to be one of the easiest ways to cure asthma attack.

2)  Add juniper oil in hot water and inhale its fumes. This will definitely help you to get much relief in the event of an attack. Apart from juniper oil, people suffering from asthma should make use of caraway seeds boiled in water and to inhale the fumes.

3)  Research has found that vitamin B6 and B12 are extremely beneficial in reducing inflammation of lungs. So, people suffering from this condition should increases the maximum intake of food rich in these vitamins to get rid of asthma attacks.

4)   The natural herb called ginkgo biloba is believed to be quite effective in treating asthma attacks. In addition, it reduces their frequency of owing to its ginkgolide B content present in natural herb.

5)   Reduce the intake of salt in your daily diet and increased intake of vitamin C. At least 2000 mg of vitamin C is essential an hour before exercising as it assists to get relief from exercise- induced asthma.

6)  Take a glass of water and mix 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds. Then boil it and drink once in a day. Follow this remedy until you get the desired results as it reduces the frequency of attacks.

7)  Simply add bishop’s weed to boil water then inhale the fumes emitted from the mixture every night before going to bed.

8)  Add 2 tbsp of honey in glass of milk and drink this mixture in order to treat asthma. Otherwise simply inhale the smell of honey. These both remedies are effective in alleviating asthma symptoms.

9)  Take fine powder, turmeric and some honey. Mix turmeric and honey in fine powder and eat that mixture. Follow this remedy in order to cure asthma and other breathing related problems.