How to overcome Negative Thinking and Anxiety

The patterns of thoughts we have in our mind on daily routine are going to be reflected in our real world life. In alternative words, negative thinking creates the fact of negativity and we follow it unknowingly.

If we have pool of thoughts full of fear, anxiety, emotional issues, work issues, lack of success feelings, they are a vicious circle that we tend to unconsciously feed to our mind and it turns ugly if it is continuous in our life. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle resulting in a failure life.

But this can be stop by some ways and this pattern of negativity can be stop. Changing our thinking habits can bring a new beginning in our life – and therefore you can notice the good change very instantly

Why do negative thoughts come in our mind?

The coming of negative thoughts once in a while is very usual- but if it comes daily in someone’s mind, it is sign of psychological issues.

The negative thought patterns generally come from day of youth due to the environment has been present around in childhood. If a person’s family and lifestyle had absence of positive method, then it is going to be negatively regarding their self and people around them.

In alternative cases, if a person has suffered some variety of verbal or physical abuse either in their childhood or adult, negative thinking becomes the perspective they adapt towards life. Additionally physical or mental state issues will, clearly, result in harmful thought patterns and they lose their any positive hope in life.

Your thoughts, emotions and physical behavior are closely connected to 1 another. So as for you to be healthy mentally and physically, your emotions and thoughts got to be absolutely healthy and balanced.

But if negative thoughts are given space, it will hurt a lot.

Many of the negative patterns that you just are aiming to challenge are there for several years in some cases they are present since childhood. You can beat them only by using a systematic way to overcome them. However, at first you need to remodel your thoughts, you need to find distinction in your angle of looking at things and your views.

Then our first aim is to; bring amendment in our negative thinking habits by replacing it with positive ones. Our emotions, attitudes and behavior can imitate. However that’s not all. Once you start with changing of thoughts, new lives unveil.

Where can we start?

The first step is to prevent negative thoughts and keep your thinking in observation as much as possible.

You need to understand the difference between negative and positive thinking. Each varieties of thought are all constant to the brain. It will still program and manufacture the repetitive patterns its wont to. Thus, we would like more of positive thoughts so as that our minds begin to line a brand new pattern for positive thinking.

When you have thought of taking the first step, you must have identified the common negative thoughts and now it is time to move on to next phase. Take it in two parts. The first part helps with immediate action against negative thoughts and stops it from developing. The second part takes little longer time to get use to, and it is not a temporary but it has to be followed for long run.

First part – Immediate Action:

When a negative thought enters your mind do this exercise:

Block the negative thought instantly by speaking to yourself – aloud or in your head – When you think negative, speak to yourself,” I M NOT LIKE THIS ANYMORE, I M BETTER” or place an image which motivates you. Remember; do not get angry, no matter how much you need to try.

There are many ways to stop negative thought; one is by employing an image rather than a word otherwise anything you can use, e.g. a picture. For instance, if I have to tackle a negative thought I visualize a big NO sign being sealed on the thought and the –ve thinking stops instantly.

Seek for any tension present in your body. If you have hypotension, you need to calm down and relax. Do not be tired of trying if negative thoughts keep returning, this is part of changing process and need efforts.

When you have used your word/symbol or any picture, the negative thought slowly diminish in size – you will be able to visualize the thought as a large black cloud shrinking in size – see the thought still diminish till it’s a pin prick then it vanishes like nothing was there.

Regardless of what the negative thought comes from in your mind, it is necessary to replace it with the positive thought. For instance, if your negative thought is always of failing, then see yourself winning or taking reward for the same thing. Try to place the maximum amount energy as you can, giving your 100%, try to feel what the feeling of winning looks like. Hold this for as long as you will be able to.

Don’t be anxious, if you’ll be able to solely manage this for a quick second or if the image isn’t terribly clear. You can learn to keep looking at winning image with practices. It does not matter whether or not you hold the image for a second or 10; you have to practice it so you can follow this method in your life.

A method that has been helpful for many people and many people suggest for this method, this is the best way, writing down your negative thoughts into journals and brings them into perspective and do write their positive opposite across from them and focus your mind on the positive side.

Do not ever stop doing it – continually consult with yourself in a very positive manner.

Part 2 – long run Action:

The second part is regarding the long run issue of replacing harmful thinking habits to healthy ones. There are several things that you can bring into action to move from negative to positive. Below are some tips that could use for the long run turn into constructive thinking and reducing anxiety:

Make sure you talk only positive things. Stop using negative phrases like “I can’t” “I’m no good”; “It’s impossible”? If it is so now it’s time to bring amendment in your pronunciation by positive affirmations like “I can”; “I will”, “I am even as good”. It’s ok if you take time, bear in mind that you just are in coaching yourself and it takes time.

Also make a note that you try to limit yourself to the number of things you are exposed to. The TV, Newspapers and therefore the web are source of all kind of negativity; news channel feed only negative things as well as the TV serials. Over exposure to such kind of program will induce negative thoughts and emotions.

Being around positive people, bring positive influence and same principle applies to fellowship of negative people. If there’s somebody in your circle, who may be a disagreeable person, trouble maker or always talking about failure and reminder of your failure, then avoid them cause you don’t need to feed on their view about you.

Open yourself up to new thinking that success and a positive life is not an achievable task but it is possible to experience positive life and success. It is not crime to live a live a successful and happy life.

Relaxation techniques or meditation are terrific and fun ways that to feed yourself positive thinking.

Use affirmations, poems, prayers, music, pictures to maintain a positive thinking around you, the ambience around you create a heavy impact on your thinking process.

Positive Thinking Tip:

If you are having negative thoughts about anything which is very important thing for you? There are 3 main steps and they go hand in hand with part 1 and part 2. It is preparation, second is coping, and third is review. Do not forget to provide yourself a treat for success, whether or not you totally succeed or just had a small achievement.