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This medicine increases the blood flow, when the man is sexually stimulated by aiding them to achieve the desired erection penis for the desired time. Silagra does not provide men with a permanent relief, but it gives finest temporary relief from impotency.

Silagra Dose and Usage

This outstanding anti-impotence drug called Silagra should be used only after consulting with your doctor.

Silagra 100mg is the strongest available dose that treats impotency exceptionally.

Sildenafil Citrate is a remarkable chemical ingredient used in Silagra that treats the problem of erectile failure effortlessly.

Silagra works best if it is taken approximately an hour before indulging into sexual activities. This is because the drug requires at least 20-30 minutes, to mix with the bloodstream and its effectiveness continues to remain active in your body for almost 4-5 hours.

Gulp the whole pill with a glass of water; do not take it with alcohol or grape juice.

Do not make any changes to the prescribed dose without consulting with your doctor.

Do not take this drug in combination with any other nitrate based drug as they might react together to harm your health.

Side-effects of Silagra 100mg

There is no drug which does not cause any side-effect similar is with Silagra, which is used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction and causes minimum side-effects. These side-effects simply fade away in some time and are not very harmful.

Once the person gets used to this drug its side-effects will be left unnoticed.

Some of the commonly noticed side-effects of Silagra are; dizziness, nausea, stomach upset, vomiting, tremors, diarrhea, facial flushing, headache, etc. These side-effects are short-term and will fade away after some time. If not then they must consult with their doctor.

In some of the rare health conditions men were also found to be experiencing side-effects such as; rashes, difficulty in breathing, fast heartbeat, heart attack, chest pain, stroke, irregular blood pressure, prolonged penile erection, etc. These side-effects are harmful and require an instant medical attention or else they can be life-threatening.

Note: After taking Silagra if you experience any side-effect lasting in your body for more than 5-hours then it’s a matter of concern and you need to look for an immediate medical help.

Silagra 100mg Usage Precautions

It is truly important to maintain all the necessary precautionary steps, in order to ensure a safe and a secured erectile dysfunction treatment.

Always remember to take your physician advice before you start taking Silagra.

Inform your physician about your past and current medical history; this will help him treat you better.

Avoid taking Silagra if you are already suffering from any other health complication related to kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems, ulcer, etc. to ensure that you are following all the necessary precautionary steps.

Ask for an alternative treatment if you are allergic to its chemical ingredient or else you will have to face its allergic reactions.

Silagra can prove to be harmful if taken in combination with any other nitrate based drug.

This drug doesn’t protect you from being affected with any of the sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Thus, you must take care of it on your own.

Dispose the outdated package of Silagra, do not use it after the expiry date has gone.

How to store Silagra Pills?

Storage is the primary thing that must be considered while you are starting with its treatment. Silagra can be best stored in temperature between 20˚C-25˚C (68˚F-77˚F). Strictly store this drug away from extreme climatic conditions in order to protect the efficiency of this drug. After using Silagra make sure that you are keeping the drug in an airtight container, away from the reach of women and children.