General and useful eye care tips for all

Eyes are considered as one of the most important human organ, and it’s important for us to take proper care of it. They perform vital function of making everything around us visible; due this we can make safe and confident movements. In this progressive world there are numerous new and innovative technologies coming up each day that ease our life’s and entertain us but unfortunately they are damaging our eyes also. Regularly used electronic equipments such as Television, Computer, and Cell Phone Display are constantly affecting our eyes through their harmful rays and can possibly lead us to some sort of eye sight problem.

Apart from the newly developed technologies there are some diseases that can lead to cause some serious eye injury. It is a commonly experienced matter of concern that allergies and infections often have a negative impact on our eyes. Taking appropriate care of your eyes should become an essential thing like brushing your teeth every day. Develop a habit of doing some sort of eye relaxation or eyesight improvement exercises everyday for at least 15-20 minutes; with this you can sure prevent yourself from myopia or hyper-metropia.

Below mentioned are some of the essential eye care tips that must be followed by all to take proper care of their eyes and develop better eye sight.

Make sure that your hands or cloth is clean before touching your eyes.

Use soft cotton ball to clean your eyes, and make sure that you are removing the eye make-up every time before going to sleep.

Wipe your eyes gently, do not rub them too much as this can cause irritation and redness of eyes.

Ensure that there is enough light around you while you are reading or studying sometime to reduce strain on your eyes.

To do read anything keep right in front of your eyes keep the book at a safe distance and read it.

You can also protect your eyes from harmful sun rays by using Anti-UV Sunglasses, whenever you are out in the scorching sun.

Do eye exercise regularly to train your eye nerves to get relaxed so that you can get a better vision.

Your eye exercise will include eye movement such as moving your eyes left, right, up, down, oblique left, oblique right, clockwise, and anti-clock wise repeat this with a count of 5-10 respectively.

These simple yet effective eyes exercise tips will help you improve the blood circulation towards eyes.

Make sure that you are not using any eye  medication or vitamin supplement without consulting with your doctor.

While riding a two-wheeler make sure that you are using glasses or helmet that has face protection as a better safe gear. This is to avoid road dust getting into your eyes and causes severe irritation.

Never let your eyes become dry, but if this happens it can cause severe damage to your eyes. Well if this happens what you can do is simple close your eyes for a few minutes or you can even wash your eyes with water or with tea water. Other best way to avoid dry eyes and to keep your eyes hydrated for this it is essential for you to drink plenty of water.

Eat lots of foods that high in content of vitamin A, C, and E each day.

Choose safe toys and which your kids while playing that they do not get hurt their eyes by any chance.

Follow all these necessary precautionary steps that can help you improve your eye health and most importantly your vision. Take proper care of your eyes since there are many activities that cannot be perform without proper eyesight.