Sleeping pills are a drug, recommended to a person who faces sleeping disorders. Its intake is suggested by the doctors; since it’s over intake may harm the body, badly. This pill is taken to mend sleeping habits, mostly it is taken at night, to get sufficient amount of sleep. It calms down the mind, and relaxes the body. Actually, it is used to treat insomnia problem; since, in today’s world people mostly duped in to stress, depression, tension, anxiety, etc. which imbalance the sleeping habits. Hence, the sleeping pills are recommended to mend this habit. However, insomnia problem has observed very common disorder in human beings. People, who fall sleep for a short-time or lack sleeping, can consult the doctor and intake sleeping pills, but its intake should not last for a longer time; since, its excessive intake may damage the organs. One can get decrement in insomnia symptoms, exhaustion, and work pressure. According to the research, an adult should take 8-9 hours sleep daily, a teenager should take 9-10 hours, and a child should take 10 hours of sleep daily. The people, following this habit may no need to consume sleeping pills; since it includes a sufficient amount of sleep that a person required in today’s generation. However, taking sleeping pills may not cure the insomnia problem, but could mend the disorders to some extent. Work pressure, stress, depression, personal issues, family problems, etc. leads to insomnia problem, which makes the people to take sleeping tablets. Sleeping pills are a type of addicted tablets; once you start consuming, gradually you will become habitual of it, which is dangerous for the health. Hence, people must discuss with the doctor about its intake. An old age people are more likely to get sleeping disorders (insomnia problem).

Some sign of overdose sleeping tablets

Sleeping pills are prescribed tablets to treat sleeping disorders; people should not overdose it; since it may lead to fatal sleep. Nausea, giddiness, weakness, etc. are some indications of sleeping pills overdose. In certain cases, one need to consult the doctor instantly; since, its ignorance may lead to death. Sometimes its excessive intake may lead to coma. Blurry speech, feeling nausea, dizziness, inflexible body, laziness, headache, faintness, etc. are some of the initial signs of sleeping pills overdose. However, trouble in breathing, coma, sudden shock problem (speedy heart beats, short breathing, destabilized blood pressure, etc.), are some of the severe signs of excessive sleeping pills intake.

Some people misuse the sleeping pills to attempt suicide; hence, sleeping tablets can’t be taken easily; one needs to carry a doctor’s allowance for the pills purchase and intake. However, in situation of overdose case, the doctor pumped the tablets from the stomach and removes it out. This helps to reduce the effect of the medicines. Some of the medication includes charcoal to absorb and to reduce the toxins. Blood test takes place to judge the amount of medication exist in blood brook. Patients are further goes under psychology test to read the mind status. Once the medicine gets involved with the blood, it becomes difficult to treat. Moreover, if you are taking sleeping pills, then avoid consuming alcohol; since, it enhances the accumulation level of the drugs in the blood streams.

Some of the negative impact is listed down.

• Inflexibility of the organs

An addiction of sleeping pills makes the organs inflexible and inactive to perform. However, its recommended pills will keep your body in relax position, but its excessive intake may bring unhealthy organs. Moreover, its excessive intake may deactivate and damage the organs of the body. Hence, to keep your organs flexible and active, do not consume the sleeping pills unnecessary.

• Strokes

A stroke is a disorder of mind, which occurs due to hypertension, stress, depression, etc. However, family histories are the main reasons, to enhance stroke problem. Some of the habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc. enhance the risk of strokes. Another risk would be consumption of some addicted drugs called sleeping pills, but it rarely enhances the problem. So, if you wanted to get prevented from strokes do not addict to sleeping pills or any other harmful things.

• Coma

People consuming excessive sleeping tablets may face the risk of coma; since, it mute the mind and keep inactive for a longer period. However, coma is the severe indication of overdose sleeping pills. An intake of many pills together may bring this situation.

• Liver failure

An excessive intake of any drugs directly affects the liver, same affect sleeping pills also carries. It reduces the longevity of the liver, and slows down its functions. People consuming sleeping pills are at risk of liver disorders. Hence, don’t be fond of sleeping pills unless you face any sleeping disorders. In addition, people may also get an improper digestive system.

• Kidney damage

Kidney damage is, but obvious? Since, over intake of sleeping pills inactive and damages the organs and kidney are amongst them. Kidney and liver are more effected organs in certain situation.

• Brain damage

An over intake of sleeping tablets may also lead to permanent brain damage; since, it makes the brain in mute position, which fails to function properly. In certain situation, the flow of the blood towards the mind gets reduced, which causes brain damages. In some cases, it also leads to heart attacks due to insufficiency, of blood flow. One may also face destabilized blood pressure problem. People, consuming sleeping pills excessively, fail to make perfect decision, lack of talent, knowledge, etc. An intake of sleeping pills lowers the pulse rate and blood circulation. A formation of ulcers may take place, rarely. However, a breast feeding and a pregnant woman should avoid consuming sleeping pills; since, it may harm the baby’s health.