Suhagra Has Big Reputation as ED Treatment

Suhagra is a reputed medication for detangling men from the chains of male impotence. Men’s belief on this drug is very strong. It’s been now a long time suhagra is in use and creating waves continuously. Viagra is branded similitude of the drug, but it has passed all its qualities to suhagra, generic counterpart of Viagra. Suhagra is competent in all ways.

Medication remedy for erectile dysfunction is no less than a miracle. A mere pill can give tough fight to ED. Suhagra is simple method to win over sexual problem without wasting much time. However, having detail info about the drug before its usage is also compulsory. Contact your healthcare provider for the same. He gives comprehensive detail about suhagra. All instructions you get during treatment are necessary to give heed. The drug does not work if any loophole is made. Every single detail should be followed for quick, safe and happy treatment.


Basic info about suhagra

Suhagra is highly reactive. It immediately mixes in the body. But, for giving results men have to wait for around 30 minutes. It is general. Every ED drug takes some time. Time difference can differ from man to man. Although suhagra usually gives erection in 30 minutes, but depending on underlying health condition it can take little longer as well. Hence, while swallowing pill, also swallow patience. By the time erections occur, enjoy foreplay with your partner. It is also an important part of sexual relationship. Intensity increases as well as love for each other.

Love making is not one time activity. Some partners enjoy it thrice or four times or more as well. Suhagra’s effect lasts for four to five hours. So, multiple loves making sessions can be enjoyed in this time period.


Dosage instructions about suhagra

Three available strengths of this drug are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Starting treatment usually starts with 50mg dose of suhagra. Do not decide dose for you yourself. It is bad decision on men’s part and they may have to pay huge price for it. 100mg is highest dose and is given only to ED patients suffering from severe sexual problem of erection. Erectile dysfunction does not mean erections will not occur at all. Keeping erection for long time is actually the problem all about is. Men who cannot get erections at all are suffering from severe Ed. 100mg is right dose to them. 25mg is lowest dose and is prescribed to men recently started facing erection issue due to impotence.

The prescribed dose of suhagra is not compulsorily to be taken each day as a rule. Only before sexual intercourse a pill is to be taken. Daily suhagra can be taken if want to have sex, but depending on the drug for always is not healthy for sexual life. There is no such tension as missing a dose with this drug. However, if before intercourse missed taking a pill, take it as soon as you recall. Wait for appropriate time to indulge in sexual activity so that the drug can normally complete its action.


How to take suhagra safely?

A doctor should be given all your medical history detail during the treatment. Do not hide anything. Even if you have allergic reactions to any products, tell your physician about them.

If feel any type of pressure or problem in heart during sexual activity, then suhagra can be wrong method for you to treat ED problem. If going through any cardiovascular problem, please report about it to your doctor and do as suggested.

Suhagra is not allowed to be taken by people suffering for any of here mentioned medical conditions- liver disease, dialysis, bleeding disorder, sickle cell anemia, stomach ulcer and so on.

Alcohol intake with the drug may not cause severe results, but still it should be avoided with suhagra. Delay in results is reported by people.

The drug reacts adversely if taken with any nitrates containing medication or product. Avoid nitrates completely.

Keep for some time in pending all works while taking suhagra. The drug delivers dizziness and blur vision, so you may not be able to successfully complete your work.