Swimming is an activity, which works great to keep the body healthy and active. It is one of the best ways to burn the calories, and to reduce the weight. An obese or overweight people can get indulged in this activity, to manage their weight. Swimming helps keep the body fit and strong. Swimming may decrease the risk of health disorders; since, it built healthy immune system, strong and flexible bones, active brain, efficient blood flow, weight control, healthy heart, etc. It assists to stabilize the body temperature in the summer. People in foreign countries like America, Australia, Europe, etc. are greatly affectionate of swimming. Not daily, but in a week thrice may be helpful, to keep your immune system active and strong. It burns many calories, but strengthen the muscles. However, people found difficult to cover some of the Swimming steps called breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and crawl. Breaststroke and butterfly are quite tough to learn, comparing to backstroke and crawl. However, swimming carries a great benefit to the health, but the people who are already under treatment should avoid swimming or ask the doctors for the best suggestion. As far as the condition is concerned people facing severe heart attacks, bone disorders, high blood pressure, etc. should avoid swimming; since, it may enhance their health problems. However, the benefits of swimming are vast. Let’s see the importance of swimming for the health.

• Weight loss

Swimming is one of the best ways to reduce the weight; since, it burns calories in huge amount. An overweight and obese people should practice this activity daily to trim down, and to manage their weight. A loss of calories further depends upon the way of performance and body posture. In general, 10 minutes swimming burns 80 calories of backstroke, 60 of breaststroke, 150 of butterfly stroke and 100 of freestyle lights up; overall losses of 390 calories in 10 minutes swimming; thus, people swimming for 30 minutes will get more calorie burns. Hence, an obese person easily may get reduction in bad cholesterol, due to swimming, results stabilized weight.

• Strengthen the bones

The main parts, which work in swimming, are legs and hands. It manages the body postures and drives to perform swimming; hence, people performing swimming get strong and flexible bones. Swimming enhances the bone strength and minimizes the risk, of bone disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis. One can get healthy joints, vigorous and dynamic bones. Swimming is a perfect exercise to stretch the bones. It improves the flexibility of the arms, legs, neck and many other joints, of the body. It makes the body flexible in work and keep energetic whole day. It may also find helpful to mend many of the injured cases, of the bones. The doctor advises various exercises to the bone disorder patient; a swimming may consider one among them.

• Muscles gain

Gymnasium and swimming are the best ways, to gain muscle. A continues swimming stretches the muscles, and make the cells active, which results muscles gain. Swimming builds leg muscles, hand muscles, and a perfect body posture. It makes the body more flexible and strong. One can get healthy and outstanding body, and could sustain an attractive personality, for a longer period. In short, swimming is a perfect muscle tone.

• Efficient blood flow

Swimming helps facilitates the flow of the blood; since, it stretches the body muscles, which works superb to cover all the organs efficiently. An efficient flow of blood builds healthy heart, healthy organs, active brain, etc. It reaches and covers the area of the body, which lacks the blood flow. Swimming reduces the risk of heart disorders; since, the pumping level of the heart increases, which lacks in the sufferer of heart patients. However, a heart patient should consult the doctor, before undergoing for swimming.

• Promote sharp brain

Furthermore, people performing swimming daily for 10 minutes may get healthy and sharp brain; since, it facilitates the flow of blood towards the brain. The stream of the body is connected with each other and they work accordingly; hence, when the body swims, the muscles and the bones get stretched, which pushes the blood to circulate and to cover all the parts of the organs present, in the body. Thus, performing swimming daily may develop healthy organs.

• Reduces asthma symptoms

Some of the examiner noticed that swimming daily may reduce the asthma symptoms; since, it enhances the level of air (oxygen inhale), which works great to stabilize the asthma attack. A fresh air enters into the lung and promotes healthy respiratory system, which mends respiratory disorders including asthma.

• Healthy immune system

An active organ, strong bones, a healthy heart, and sharp mind indicate healthy immune’s system. A daily performer of swimming gets less risk of health disorders, which results healthy immune system. It has been examined that people who seems performing exercise daily may get a longer and healthy life; since, performing exercise daily trim down many of the health problems. Swimming comes in the category of aerobics, which grants a bigger profit called weight loss, happens due to calorie reduction. An obese person must go to the gym to burn their bad cholesterol level, and to maintain perfect Weight.

• Good for diabetes sufferer

Diabetes, a common health problem seen in today’s generation. It may get stabilize due to aerobic performance (swimming); since, its weekly performance burns 500 calories, which results reduction in diabetes problem by 5 %. An aerobic performance stabilizes the insulin level of the blood. A diabetes sufferer may take interest in swimming, but should consult the doctor for better option.

• Provide Relax

Swimming is the best way to calm down the mind, and to reduce the stress level. One can give relax to their body in summer season, and could get rid of tense mind. An efficient flow of blood improves the mood and promote healthy and happy mind. Swimming helps get rid of brain disorders like brain attack, strokes, tumor, etc. It’s all about proper blood circulation, which prevents heart, brain, and bone disorders.