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The desired effect of this drug can be experienced within 30-40 minutes from the time you have taken this drug. The drug has a lasting effect that remains active in your body for almost 24 to 36 hours. Another important reason why it is the most effect drug is because causing fewer side-effects and lasts longer in your body. Tadalis is a very significant oral medication treatment that solves the problem of erectile failure smoothly and effortlessly.

What is the appropriate dose of Tadalis?

Tadalis is a potential drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. We strongly recommend you that, consult with your doctor before taking Tadalis. This is because Tadalis should not be taken under certain circumstances as it can become unstable. Thus, a doctor can only be the best person to suggest the right dose for you.

This drug is available in three different strengths of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

Take the drug in as it is recommended to you, do not tend to make any changes to the dosing schedule without consulting with your healthcare provider.

Take this drug 20 to 30 minutes before the sexual activity and they will help you achieve an erection faster and longer in compare with any anti-impotent drugs.

A single dose of Tadalis in enough for a day, and does not exceed the dose more than once in a day since it may cause some adverse effect.

Take this drug empty stomach or after a light and a fat–free meal as it will reduce the reaction time of the drug.

Tadalis should not be taken on the daily basis as it makes one habitual to the drug and further leads to reducing the natural erection power of a man.

Take the drug as mention above and enhance your sexual performance like never before.

Possible Side-Effects of Tadalis 20mg

Tadalist is a very potent erectile dysfunction treatment that is not just successful, but it is highly safe under all the circumstances. Tadalis to cause some side-effects, but the side-effects reported by Tadalis are temporary and last in your body for a very short period of time. Some of the side-effects caused due to Tadalis are treatable and others get disappeared after some time.

Some of the common cause side-effects of Tadalis which are usually experienced by most of the men are;

Muscle pain
Upset stomach
Blur vision
Facial flushing
Runny nose
Back pain

Other serious side-effects of Tadalis that my require medical attention are;

Cardiovascular problems
Shortness in breath
Hearing loss
Chest pain
Dry mouth
Penis erection for more than four hours etc

Storage Information on Tadalis

Having a proper storage facility is essential to prevent the drug from spoiling. A drug can be easily spoiled before the expiry date if the drug is not provided with an appropriate storage facility. Read on to find out what all can be done for the proper storage of the drug.

The most important storage tip for Tadalis is to always keep the drug in the most appropriate room temperature, i.e. between 15˚C to 30˚C.

Never exceed or decrease the mentioned room temperature as other room temperatures are not good for the storage of Tadalis.

Tadalis should be always kept in a cool and a dry place, make sure that the surrounding place is kept clean.

To protect the drug from being contaminated by heat, light and moisture, it’s better to store the drug is a dry airtight container.

It is not a good idea to store the drug in the kitchen, bathroom or in the refrigerator.

If you have an expired pack of Tadalis stored in your house then immediately discarded it as keeping them at home can be risky.

Place the drug away from the reach of women and children.

Preventive Measures to use Tadalis safely

It is very important for us to understand that it is not just about taking the right drug, but it is about taking the drug by following all the precautionary steps. A drug will not work appropriately until and unless it’s taken in the right amount and in the right quantity. Anytime before you begin with the treatment it is important for you to know all the precautionary steps that should be followed by you.

It is very important to consult with your doctor before you start taking this medication. Since the inappropriate consumption of this drug may cause some serious side-effect to your health.

Impotent men who are already suffering from health difficulties related to heart, kidney, liver, spinal cord, cancer, or if you have undergone any prostate surgery or any other serious health condition, then we strictly recommend you to avoid taking this drug or take it under the proper medical guideline.

Do take more than what is recommended that you; since, it might cause overdose and seriously affect your health.

Do take this drug; if you are already taking any nitrate based drug for any other health disorder.

Do not take this drug with alcohol or with grape juice or grapefruit since it might react with its chemical composition and affect your health.

Men are requested not to perform any difficulty physical activity such as driving or operating any machinery after taking the drug as it might cause some dizziness.

Even though, Tadalis does not cause any serious or major side-effects, but if you experience any side-effect lasting that is lasting in your body for too long then, we recommend you to kindly seek for medical help.

Men who are above 60 years are requested to take this drug under strict medical guidelines.

For impotent men its better if you do get addicted to this drug since it may completely take away the natural ability to perform in bed.