Tips to Increase Endorphin Secretion

Endorphins are chemicals released by the brain when you perform intense physical activity or during times of pain or distress. Also known as natural painkillers, endorphins develop positive feelings and improve the mood. The triggers and body’s response to the release of endorphins varies from individual to individual. The intensity at which a person feels the effects of these chemicals also varies. Some people might feel happy and energetic just ten minutes after an intense workout session, whereas others might take up to thirty minutes to experience the effects of endorphins. There are quite a few ways in which you can naturally increase endorphins secretion and improve your mental state. Some good ways to increase the secretion of endorphins are discussed below.


Laughing is very important to facilitate the release of endorphins. Laughing is not only a stress buster, but it also develops a feeling of well-being and allows you to deal with problems in a better way. Smiling, giggling, and laughing are the best ways of feeling happy and positive.

Eat Dark Chocolates

The ability of chocolates to release endorphins and calm a person down makes it one of the best comfort food. Besides developing a feeling of well-being, dark chocolates help to lower high blood pressure, reduce the cravings for sugary foods, and improve heart health. However, it is recommended to have just a bite or two of this delicious food. Over-indulging won’t benefit you much and might even harm your health.

Consume Spicy Foods

Chili peppers and other spicy foods contain a component called capsaicin, which promotes secretion of endorphins. This active component binds the pain receptors in your mouth, thereby signaling the brain to increase the secretion of endorphins so as to protect the burning sensation that is caused after eating hot and spicy foods. However, you should consume hot and spicy foods in moderation.


Meditating is one of the best ways of increasing the level of endorphins in the body. Meditation also helps you to achieve a peaceful state of mind. It relaxes the brain, lowers blood pressure, and calms the nerves. Meditating regularly is known to improve your mental alertness.


Exercise not only promotes the release of these feel-good chemicals, but it also makes you look good. Exercising or performing intense physical activity is the best way of increasing the production of endorphins. Besides improving your mood, exercise is beneficial for the health of your cardiovascular system and improves blood circulation. Daily exercise routine is an excellent way to keep stress and depression at bay.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Yoga, massage therapies, aroma therapy, acupuncture, and certain other relaxation techniques help to secrete endorphins in the body. They are also known to be effective in increasing blood circulation and relieving pain. Acupuncture is particularly beneficial for releasing endorphins as it stimulates the meridian points of the nerves.

Get Exposure to Morning Sunlight

Being exposed to natural sunlight promotes the release of endorphins and makes you feel lively. One of the most beneficial ways to avail the mood enhancing benefits of sunlight is to catch the sun’s rays while playing your favorite outdoor sport. Early morning sunlight will also provide you with vitamin D and keep you healthy.

Listen to Music

Listening to the music of your choice facilitates the secretion of endorphins and also has a soothing effect on your mind and body. It is an easy way to ease stress, and instantly improve your mood.