Obesity is not a sign of good health, in fact research says that it can cause  several life threatening diseases. Most of people have misconception that obesity increases just because of consumption of too much high-calorie foods which is totally a wrong conception. Since, sometime medical or hormonal conditions are also associated with obesity. According to doctors, a person who is 40% overweight has 2 times more chances to die as compared to a person with an average weight. Those people who have their Body mass index (BMI) between 25-30 are said to be overweight. If their BMI is 30 or more than 30 are known as obese. However the numbers of diseases that may takes place among the people with higher BMI values are mentioned below.


1) Diabetes:-
Diabetes is one kind of disease in which the body’s blood glucose or blood sugar level is too high. Obesity is believed to be one of the most important factors in the development of insulin resistance. In case of type 2 diabetes, the cells of body don’t utilize the insulin properly. As insulin resistance contributes to type 2 diabetes. Among people affected with diabetes, the insulin secretion from the pancreas is getting reduced. Studies have found that, 80% of the people suffer from diabetes are overweight. However the possibilities can be reduced if proper measures are taken in order to reduce weight such as proper diet and exercise. Diabetes is the leading risk factor of early death, stroke, kidney diseases, blindness and CHD.

2) High blood pressure:-
Basically high blood pressure and heart diseases are interrelated. Highly obese people are often more prostrate to have hypertension. Hence, the risk for enlarged heart, impaired heart functioning and heart stroke raises. The excess fact in the body diminishes the supply of oxygen to the heart. This in turn leads to chest pain. However the combination of high level of cholesterol and high blood pressure enhances the possibilities of heart failure.

3) Sleep Apnea:-
In this medical condition, you take one or more pauses in breathing or may take shallow breaths while sleeping. Person suffering from this disease may store more fat around the neck. Highly obese people go through obstructive sleep apena, which results in the blockage of the airway during sleep. This condition raises the chances of high blood pressure, stroke and makes you feel sleepy as well as lethargic all the time. In fact, it is a long term condition which requires lifestyle changes. In severe cases physician recommend surgery as well to clear the airways.

4) Infertility:-
Studies have found that obesity contributes to raise estrogen level in the body which results in hormonal imbalance. The hormone imbalance creates the problem of absence of menstrual cycle in women. This condition interrupts the ovulation cycle and gradually affects the possibilities of pregnancy. In short, causes infertility. Studies indicated that obese men tend to indulge less in sexual activities as compared with men with normal weight. In addition, they are known to have low semen quality which affects fertility. In some cases, obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction as well.

5) Cancer:-
Studies have found that, being overweight enhances chances of developing life threatening cancer by 50 percent. Women who are more than 20 pounds overweight have a higher risk of developing cancer. However, with the help of regular exercise and if weight lose at least by 12 pounds you can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

6) Back pain:-
Obesity is one of the leading factors of joint and back pain. Excess weight can cause damage to most susceptible parts of the spine, which contains the body’s weight. An overweight person also develops the risk of lower back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and so on. If overweight people lose their 10-15 pounds may reduces the risk of developing certain problems.

7) Gallstones:-
Gallstones are one kind of hard pieces of stone like material that build in the gallbladder and are built of cholesterol. Gallstones can stimulate stomach or back pain. Overweight or obese people, especially women are more prone to this disease. Gallstones are most likely to develop in older women and those who have a family history of gallstones. Daily moderate exercise and if lose 4-9 pounds weight may help obese people to overcome this disease.

8) Skin problem:-
Overweight people are often known to have the skin that folds over on itself. By rubbing and sweating these creased areas become irritated. Thus, develops various skin infections.

9) Depression:-
You might have observed that obese people feel embarrassing due to their overweight. In short, obesity leads to state of inactivity. The state of inactivity is not so good for the psychological well being of the individual. Highly obese people develop psychological illness such as depression. In severe cases, depression may hinder your lifestyle and may push obese people towards isolation.

10) Gout:-
The disease of gout is closely related with body weight. When blood contains high amount of uric acid, then it forms into crystal like substance and solidifies around the joints of your body. Besides that, if sudden changes are done in diet within a short span of time, the chances of gout attack may also again increase. As a result, always recommend to your doctor before planning to go on a special diet.

11) Mobility problems:-
Highly obese people incline to get tired very early and most of the time they are unable to carry everyday activities. Apart from that, overweight people often experience the problem of immobility as their legs are unable to carry the weight of the body.

12) Stroke:-
An overweight people are tends to buildup of plaque in their arteries. An area of plaque can separate, causing a blood clot to form. In cases where clot is around your brain then it may block the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, due to which the chances of stroke increases. The risk of stroke rises if BMI increases.

13) Other health issues:-
Coronary heart diseases
Breathing problems
Psychological problems such as lack of enthusiasm, low self-esteem, anti-social behavior, Body dismorphic disorder and so on.