Top tips for parent to handle sibling rivalry

While there are many kids who are lucky enough to be best friends with their siblings, but it’s absolutely common for siblings to fight and do everything to seek attention of their parents. This fight becomes more prevalent among siblings of same age and continues to remain life wrong if not handle wisely.

Here are some useful and interesting tips that parent can apply to avoid sibling rivalry;

  1. Parents have a very important role to play when such rivalries take place. Parent’s behaviors and attitude is very important in such situation, i.e. parents must treat them equally without being biased of someone’s age, gender talent or any other speciality. Every child is special and unique and should be treated in the same way.
  2. Parents do not ever compare your kids. Parents must try and avoid making comparison among siblings because this brings one of them at the receiving end and makes him feel let down and low whereas the other one feels high and hyper because of the assessment.
  3. Parent should always ensure that they are listening to their child’s problem. Parent should be always ready to listen to each and every feeling of their child. Even if it is their anger, let them voice it so that they can feel free to talk about their ill feeling. If as parent you do not let them take out this feeling then it will grow their anger and will ultimately make them go away from you.
  4. Like adults even kids should be given their own space without any sort of compromises.  This is their right and they need it as much as you need it for yourself.
  5. Parent can try to build a stronger friendly bond between all their children.
  6. As mother, it becomes very important for you to pay equal attention to all your kids. Pay equal attention even to your older child as he needs you in the same way you’re younger child needs you. By giving your kids equal attention you will make them understand that you belong to all of the equally.
  7. As a father it is your responsibility to help your child find a friend in you because of the arrival of the second baby he has lost some space at mother front and it is you who can easily fill the space by ensuring to spend some quality time with him this assure him of his importance in your life.
  8. Basically siblings are not born rivals, but it is all because of the treatment they the two get from their parents. The most effective way is to develop a soft feeling in them for their siblings which develops a sense of responsibility in them. The whole idea of family get-together creates a better acceptance among the siblings and they have more responsibilities towards other siblings.
  9. Parent must let their kids to solve their problems on their own. In case of you are helping them solve their problem in a humorous way so that instead of fighting with each other they will start having fun by easily forgetting all their difference. Many a time make sure that you are not interfering in their fights and let them solve it themselves. This idea will surely spare you from taking anyone’s side.
  10. The last but the most important tips are to teach them to work as a team. This will make you child more loving and understanding when it come to work in a team. Parent can help them learn this by assigning them task that will help then bound and take help from each other.