Yeast infection is known by various different names like Candidiasis, thrush or moniliasis. Initial detection of this infection is most difficult in men as compared with women. Candida albicans is an organism which is familiar to every individual’s skin and it does not create trouble to anyone. Every individual carry this organism on skin, mouth, gastrointestinal tract and in case of women (vagina). Sometimes the yeast reproduces uncontrollably and induces pain and inflammation. Yeast infection may affect you skin including skin of the penis, vagina and mouth. Besides that, it also infects the blood stream or internal organs like liver or spleen. Skin, mouth and vaginal infections are considered most common and it occurs due to diaper rash. However these infection can be cure within shorter period of time and are not life threatening. Yeast infection is considered life threatening when it enters to bloodstream and important organ like heart. But this happen occasionally in people with damaged immune system. Healthy people do not get affected with this infection. Still, yeast infection causes constant irritation and sometimes it is a serious threat for people suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS and poor immune system. As people suffering from this disease finds difficult to combat it.

Eating disorder, excess consumption of alcohol, consumption of unhealthy foods, irregular food pattern is linked with causing yeast infection. Overconsumption foods those contain high amount of starch products like peanuts, corn, wheat and barley is also related with causing yeast infection. Unprotected sex with a yeast-infected partner is said to be leading cause occurring yeast infection. This condition is also known as sexually transmitted disease (STD). Condom that contain the spermicidal lubricant ‘nonoxynol-9’ and sexual contagion are another possible causes of yeast infection. A damaged immune system and overuse of antibiotics are other most important causes responsible for inducing yeast infection. An immune system can be damaged due to number of reasons, life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV, extreme stress, insufficiency of white blood cells, lack of essential nutrient, diabetes and due to recent severe illness or transplant surgery.

In some cases, men incline to dismiss the neurotic symptoms of this kind of infection. Extreme fatigue, bad breath, blotting, loose stools, frequent intestinal gas, constipation, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, lack of energy, dry itchy flaky skin, athletes feet, memory loss in severe cases, jock itch, nail fungus, excessive joint pain, muscle pain and huge craving for sugar and starch containing foods like, cookies, cheeps, bread. and indigestion, raised heart beat, diarrhea and lack of white blood cells are some of the commonly observe symptoms. In addition, symptoms called Balanitis or the swelling of the glans penis is most difficult to ignore. Intolerable itchiness, burning sensation of glans and irritation and tenderness of the penis especially after sexual activity, huge redness and white substance on the foreskin and blisters also observe when one affected with yeast infection. Symptom related with genital herbs is considered most severe. Signs of yeast infection take place especially on the mucus membranes including anus, penis and urinary bladder. Infectious spots in the navel and armpits are usual. Since fungus utilizes the blood stream for its spread, this infection may occur through an infected syringe also.

The self examination spit test plays a crucial role in recognizing the signs of yeast infection. In this test, one has to spit in water pot, and then need to keep aside for at least half an hour. But this process should be done immediately after getting up in the early morning. Once the spit mixes completely in the water then the possibilities of you being infected reduces considerably. If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms then consult your health care provider immediately. Your physician may do the pH check initially. According to several studies yeast cultures involves sterile swabs stretched on the infected body areas. Basically they are cover under the same temperature which needs human body. Besides that, certain test of stool samples involves microscopic clarification of the genital fluids In order to identify whether the signs cope with the yeast infection or not.

Diet also plays a significant role in treating male yeast infection. Without following proper diet you cannot overcome this infection. Focus on eating more green vegetables. Incorporate vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale in your daily regimen and excess quantity. Sufficient intake of this vegetable may help you to strengthen immune system effectively. Obtaining healthy cooking methods also matters a lot to prevent yeast overgrowth. Patient should strictly stay away from sugar rich products as they give open invitation for the fungus to multiply. Person affect with yeast infection should strictly avoid crispy foods like dried fruits, cakes, chocolates and pastries as they hold high amount of sugar. Besides these, patient should exclude yeast fermented foods such as pasta, oats, and bread and baked products from their daily regime. Say no to alcoholic drinks like wine and beer as substance present in these unhealthy drinks boost yeast growth. Keep away from processed, cured and smoked meat as it also contains an excellent amount of sugar.

The prescribed certain drugs containing Bsuspension, econazole, ketoconazole and fluconazole help to treat the patient. These drugs are vital as they ensure total recovery of the patient. The most essential step is to consult a doctor at initial stage as it may help you to get faster recovery. In fact, along with treatment, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, instant observation of any minor symptoms, proper hygiene and obviating sex with an infected partner are most basic vital thing which are necessary to be followed by every individual in order to stay away from occurrence of any type of yeast infection