Some Useful and Helpful Tips to maintain good health

Good Health is the way of expressing perfection in physical, mental, and social well-being of the person. It means free from illness and injury. To maintain good health people suppose to follow balance diet including dairy, grains, protein, fruits and veggies. Eating food with vitamins, minerals, oils could give healthy heart, healthy brain and good body function. Today most of the people are facing health problem most of the people are suffering from severe diseases, this is because of least concentration on health. There are many ways to maintain good health.

Drinking plenty of water is good for health at least five liters daily or according to the capacity of the person. This helps to reduce the diseases from the body. It helps to remove metabolic waste. Try to drink purified water because the tap water may be contaminated that can cause various illness.

Maintain proper eating habits. Lacking of food or dieting may affect the health badly.

Prefer to eat healthy food which contains everything like minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibred, etc. Avoid using junk and oily food as it contains more calories. Eat more fruits and green vegetables. Eat well and healthily for the morning breakfast.

Here is some of the list of healthy food.

Spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, organic beef liver, organic eggs peas, brown rice, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, milk etc.

It contains Vitamin A and B1 it is needed for healthy skin, healthy immune system, and proper brain system.

Mushrooms, organic chicken, salmon, organic beef, lentils, split peas, lima beans, collard greens, bananas etc. it includes vitamin B1 to B12.

Sweet red bell peppers, strawberries, oranges, cabbage, tomato etc, are the ingredients of vitamin C.

Wild salmon, sardines etc, contains vitamin D, you can also get this vitamin from the morning sunshine. This is good for bones and teeth, it helps to get prevented from high blood pressure, and cancer as well. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption.

Spinach, carrots, Olive oil, raw almonds, butter, and all dark green leafy vegetables, all fruits. It contains vitamin E that helps to carry proper blood circulation and proper utilization of oxygen.

Food that carries vitamin K is peas, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, raw spinach, raw dark green leafy, coriander leaves etc. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting.

Improve the habits of sleeping. Try to sleep on proper time; late night sleep may affect your health and over time as well. An adult must sleep eight to nine hours daily and the children nine to 10 hours daily. Sleeping helps improve the memory, increases your concentration and makes it more creativity; it helps to rotate the blood in all the parts of the body, lower the stress level and helps maintain body weight. It gives freshness and reduces depression; it keeps away from the illness.

A regular exercise and yoga is one of the best practices to maintain the proper health.

Yoga is beneficial to cure many of the illness of the body. The person who is habitual of yoga or exercise they rarely face any health problem. Meditation is also a good practice to maintain perfect health it helps reduce asthma attack.

Avoid using the toxic substances as like drugs, chewing tobacco, puffing cigarettes, drinking alcohol etc. it is very much harmful to the health. It will soon take you towards death. Some of the side-effects which a person can face by using these products are as follows:-

There can be a risk of developing oral cancer, sores on the gums and in the mouth, stained teeth, bad breath etc. Smoking cigarettes harms almost all the organs of the body. It can cause cancer  anywhere in the body, like mouth, throat, stomach, lungs, kidney, bone marrow and bloods etc types of cancer which can cause by excessive use of smoking.
Ladies should avoid smoking because it makes harder to become pregnant and really harms the child before the birth and after the birth. A woman who smokes carrier’s weaker bones.
Drinking alcohol may cause liver failure, cancer, headache, vomiting, heart or respiratory failure etc, it brings to the early death.  Try to keep yourself happy. Laughing is very good medicine for the health. Avoid taking stress this would give very bad side-effects to the body. Try to keep your mind fresh. Laughing relaxes the whole body, it affects the immune system, Increase vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood and it brings down the stress level down helps move out from the depression.
In order to keep good health one must consume hygienic food. See to it that your domestic environment has to be clean. Try eating hygienic food whether it is inside or outside. Washing hand before eating food is one of the best habits this may keep you away in getting indulges with any type of the disease.

Hang out with a friend’s, family or relatives to the place where you can keep yourself happy. Natural place would be the best option to visit because you can get a fresh air from that environment. Fresh air is really good for the health it helps reduce many of the diseases that may affect your health. It has been advised to the tuberculosis patient to stay in the fresh air because it kills the germs of the tuberculosis. Morning walk is another best option to maintain good health. We get Vitamin D from the morning sunshine. It could help you in many ways, stronger your heart, decrease respiratory rate, increase cellular oxygen uptake, increase muscular strength, decrease blood pressure, lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, etc.