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Zenegra helps men in improving their performance in bed by taking them to a new level of sexual intimacy.

Online Zenegra Dosage and Usage

Zenegra is a prescribed medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of all age groups. If you are taking this drug without a prescription, then it is possible for you to face some of its side-effects.

Zenrgra 100mg is the standard available dose that treats this problem to its core.

Always consume this drug with a glass of water as its helps the drug to dissolve quickly.

Do not break, crush or chew the pill, take it as wholly.

Do not take it with grape juice or alcohol it can be harmful.

Never make any changes to the prescribed dose of Zenegra. Taking more than one pill in order to experience better result may cause overdose and affect your health seriously.

Elder men should take this medicine under strict medical care.

Make sure that you are not repeating the dose before 24 hours, and do not use it along with any other nitrate based drug.

Side effects of 100mg Zenegra Tablets

There is not a single drug in this drug without side-effects. Zenegra also causes some side-effects, but they are mild and short-lived.

These side-effects can be easily avoided by following all the necessary precautionary steps mentioned by your healthcare provider.

Some of the commonly noticed side-effects of Zenegra are headache, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, upset stomach, body ache, blurred vision, light headedness, nasal congestion, vertigo, problem in breathing, etc. These side-effects are harmless and can be easily avoided through various treatment methods.

Other major or serious side-effects of Zenegra are chest pain, rapid heartbeat, heart attack, stroke, breathlessness, vision disorder, seizures, painful or prolonged erection, skin rashes, etc. These side-effects can be dangerous and life-threatening if left untreated. Therefore, they require an immediate medical attention.


Do not delay or avoid any of the side-effects if they continue to last in your body for more than five hours, it’s advisable to seek for a medical help then.

Zenegra 100mg Precautions

Precautionary steps are essential to keep you away from various dangerous and harmful side-effects.

Do not start taking Zenegra without consulting with your doctor and follow all the proper precautionary steps.

Inform your doctor about your past and current medical history and ask for an alternative medicine if you are allergic to its key chemical composition named Sildenafil Citrate.

Do not make any changes to the dosing schedule without seeking advice from your healthcare provider, it can be dangerous.

Impotent men who are already suffering from major health disorder such as related to heart disease, stroke, kidney or liver disorder, cancer, etc. avoid taking this medicine or can take it under proper medical direction.

Men who are allergic to its chemical composition can look for some other alternative option for ED treatment.

Taking Zenegra, which is a Sildenafil Citrate based drug in combination with any other nitrate based drug can be dangerous and cause serious harm to your health.

Never repeat the dose within 24 hours or do not take more than one pill in order to experience better result this will cause an overdose and affect your health seriously.

Zenegra does not protect you from any sexual transmitted diseases; hence, you need to be careful about this.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and teenagers must not use this drug it’s only meant for impotent men.

Storage information on Zenegra Pills

Proper storing methods allow the drug to remain in good condition until expired. The most appropriate storing temperature for Zenegra is between 59˚F and 86˚F (15˚C-30˚C). This drug is strictly meant to be used by men and thus must be stored away from the reach of kids and women. Ensure that you are storing the drug into an airtight container every time after using. Carefully dispose the expired pack of this drug; it can be harm to store such drugs.